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Go eagles honoring this week Ricky Watters is border eagles legends program presented by some time there Ricky of course won a Superbowl San Francisco yeah one a platinum member they smoke San Diego they did came here first game you didn't endear myself because of the feather river who for what for what that is first game it was his first game it was not televise locally was actually blacked out thank god they get rid of that stupid role with the blackout yeah yeah are those bottle Eskimos blacked out in filling I'm guessing there Ricky had a pretty nice career here and nice career he's is he up he all frame I don't believe so here's an all thing okay because all fame announcements will come about four weeks and for which some yesterday the whole finance deal maker for the for those who have the Superbowl that should be interesting I'd die back to the phones gusts in Allentown you're the fifth quarter ninety for the V. I. P. yeah Bob to quote Larry brown about Phil Jackson the cry babies crash you know instead of fixating on one play the eagle should've won this game could have won this game yes sure sure would have out way out rushed and a hundred yards to like so why did why did they win this game if they still had give I'll give it what limit date the quarterback play was just about what they got the last three or four weeks anyway now once they had they had your date you know that in the end zone like penalty differential was a hundred yards whining about one place the Seattle Seahawks repel like a hundred yards more than eagles seven hundred yards more two hundred yards advantage at home station what they're down there on the fourth down it could it kicked a field goal that would I think they should have kicked a field goal then was to bring IT nine point yeah we're doing if we're doing that I mean if he completes a pass the scores right there right check the video call with your daily al di it out by sure to kick a field now yeah when did they have well since ten down that day there and they give up a pass play to the kid they sure their draft it all a lot of people to if the room does with the game they couldn't stop in there to get the part okay stop on their they still got to go to an in store and get a two point conversion around the fifty big big big big moving the ball between the twenties easily against this awful descends into keen that Seattle ask which race for hours giving them giving away as the one of the reasons why they couldn't score in the red zone as they didn't have Carson Wentz they could come up with a trick play they could have done what the front would work with Gary with Greg ward what the play blew up the great work play even you because it doesn't work once you don't you don't try it again is that it that tries to open weeks ago didn't work on the other day time yelling you they had tremendous it it what would the coach for the cold the former coach of the call said before this game the team that can run the ball will win the game what was that ads no I mean literally no rushing game no it was the rushing in that was the problem the problem is is that they could not stop their defense could not stop one they had Russell of that and that's why they lost and I agree that seventeen points today yeah they in critical moments he did let him out of the pocket they let him do what he wanted that's a big there all the things that the touchpad they were killed in the touch sent yeah but some of the the first half was a killer as well eight five of seven point fifteen that's why the less and we were more want to do is cry cry baby right stand for such a crybaby I don't blame somebody I'm playing the rap got a plane cloudy day never look at themselves in the mirror and say we lost because we didn't stop what the Wilson we could act no they lost because Carson Wentz did play today that's that's how I look at it I think one plays they win look at it but they're still right there I don't think the the the word is should of because I think it's because they could have done it I don't think they did enough to win it I think the fact that they did let Russell Wilson do Russell Wilson things on certain third downs I think that's what killed them but again I think the fact that you didn't get to see this game with Carson Wentz is a big done Astrid but it just sucks it so he didn't get to see what it could have been you know in the red zone five times in Carson Wentz puts millions of at least once or twice I think so yeah but again we'll never know well I don't know but I'm saying now that's why to me why they lost the game because if you have your quarterback the big part of it and then again you it's what is the third and ten everybody in the world knows what the hell is about to happen yeah why is the K. make have running white S. open minded I feel it and that's what I was a that was awful but it's still you have no I agree look in a minute here okay you're not going to one play one player you can't in in football you can't point to one thing and say that's why we lost it's it it's the culmination of sixty minutes so but I'm not blaming it on that one play but again you like and what the hell are we doing there let the guy run the biggest guy on the field run down the field wide open I I agree and I wasn't depending on the defense to win this game most depending on the offense defense you know if you were said they're gonna give up seventeen points again the Russell Wilson yeah I would have to win I would've thought it would have been the way Carson once is yeah the last four weeks that's a win I would've thought so yeah he's engineered fourth quarter comebacks but again it was people cynical doing that it's crying gosh I think it's a lot of it decides that I think a lot of people miss food they feel bad for the kids they do the that sucks the watch him have to go through this for another season now and I have to hear people down like this at least it does for me like I said he seems like a really good guy who does all the right things and says all the right things and it's it's like the one car we had is is this what is destined for to be in this why I hope not this hell that he's in right now I hope not but the one thing he does Abby does have a Superbowl ring even though didn't play the game I get it but what we're talking about the one around of twenty twenty I'm aware are you sure yeah now it's on the twenty seventh make your New York you're on the fifth quarter ninety for the V. I. P. hello Hey how are you good good I'm not sure a couple days just said we mostly just touch on a last guy but I did want to touch on what the guy said you know we want to have our last organs three were expected but it did it would no starters you know one of your it the only factor was cars you want and you lost them in the first quarter and we went zero in their direction and I'm curious what your guys Jake is not going for three to six and a half minutes left I thought the show kicked a field yeah it looks it was a big debate here is we're all watching it I didn't hate it again if he completes that passed the miles Sanders you know if we're gonna play the what if game if he completes that passed the miles energy scores you know he really does he's he's run away from Clowney takes is by eyes off the ball he's got nothing but the ends in front of my think he scores right there were having a the Graham in a different conversation I don't disagree with you but you get the guaranteed point yeah I well no no no you get a feel go you'll get guaranteed points now great great I I think you would have made it I'm I'm just being a contrarian at that point but you know who the hell knows what happens if you kick those three you know I I don't know I think you need to scores at that point to what you did the two scores with it if they win the guarantee the guarantee you get a two point conversion to score a touchdown we do not want yeah I don't write down a great that so I can you know what I needed to to scores yeah well I wanna kill I would on a feel right there behind you if you got that yeah I mean maybe you're right yeah assistance they stop them on the next series they got the ball back and have another chance to get some points so yeah trust me I'm I'm playing with and I was thanks Nick I'm playing with monopoly money that that instance you nam watching it from the TV being selfish and I'll go for a United that's of course that's the way I'm being a from the head coach right there maybe I'm I'm thinking different but it has paid off for Doug in the past to go for it on fourth down and take it take the gamble and we both have a thought when once went down is what if if this guy leads in the Superbowl it's gonna visors yes swear to god record you got some words playoffs Johnson's Peterson's been the head coach before tonight you know for for for one first and then work down yeah well that's good that that's Ricky Ricardo we send you back the eagles won in Spanish products better regained the W. and then again next week all I'm gonna say everything eight eight eight seven two nine at ninety four ninety four that's the third quarter sponsored by sometime there one ninety four of.

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