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Of twentythree school shootings at twenty two weeks so far this year governor cuomo spells out a plan designed to head off future horrific incidents wcbs reporter rich ram has detail proposing a red flag bill under it a teacher a principal or school superintendent of police officer or family member can go directly to a judge and say we have a person in the school we believe they're dangerous we believe they may be in possession of a firearm and ask a judge to intervene we think that is the logical sensible intelligent way forward in this situation american federation of teachers president randi weingarten nation loses more students to gun violence in a year then service members in combat it's time to act when young people say that their greatest fear is gun violence it's time to act when asked whether republicans support the red flag measure the governor said no and indicated it will likely not pass why propose it the governor said he wants the voters to have a choice in midtown rich lamb wcbs newsradio eight eighty nine year old new jersey was caught with a loaded gun in his backpack lakewood police say another student told security staff at oakwood elementary school and a twenty two caliber handgun was recovered it's not clear where the student got the donald why brought it to school no word yet on whether any charges will be filed critics surveyor to blondes ios call to end admissions tests at the city's elite high schools prompted an afternoon protest outside city hall hsa yes hsa that's these specialized high school admissions test the city wants to scrap it to allow more diversity for those who might not score so well sixth grader davis zombie junior among the hundreds protesting the change today and i'm here because why is the point that i woke at stolen studying hard if i know that how hot study i still not be able to howard advantage wins council member peter out here too stuyvesant but proponents like mayor bill de blasios say relying on one test isn't fair black and hispanic students make up two thirds of public schools but only one in ten get into those elite high schools they want to allow the top seven percent of each middle school to be admitted at city hall mike sugarman wcbs newsradio eight eighty at twelve oh seven development and a violent memorial day beach arrest that's coming up in three minutes phil simms and numerous is no the importance of being protected so investors bank asked them to.

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