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Brought up larry bird nineteen seventynine there's one team build that i've i've researched a lot and you know i have friends who saw them play and the guy who went to school there during this time the nineteen seventy jacksonville dolphins team with artists gilmore pembroke boroughs the third rex morgan the first original twin towers they went twenty nine and one that year they were the first team ever to average one hundred points a game and lost in the national championship game to ucla that i think that might be top five best teams that didn't win one oh sure i mean you gotta think how many teams are seventies women exclusively because of john wooden you know what i mean they'd played so many good teams and i always go back to another one i circled was seventy six you know michigan had russell loaded team you know and then they run run into this actually it was ricky green i'm sorry but they run into the undefeated indiana to fill hundred of it's yeah yeah that's just timing mike how do you get into a tournament and then you just find no you go up against an undefeated team and then in other instances like i remember the buzz a couple years ago i personally want to see somebody go undefeated and i thought kentucky was gonna do it a few years ago when they were thirty eight now and then they just ran into what wisconsin team on the wrong night i it can happen to anybody well how about that seventy six seventy seven unlv viti maccabi another team on the list that averaged one hundred and eleven points a game with no sought clock note three point line and had the three smith's and reggie theus and all kinds of that was really talks i great team unlv the the final four that was a sensational team.

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