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Ladies of the Dead number five. We get it started with Kansas, playing above the rim again seen Jos has heard from Brian and a clear field I MG college. L assume he takes it away Blobs and those shot. This could be fun to head cocked tracts Throw down by ocean I a body on the party's underway. Number four zags and going up the throw it down, courtesy of Tom Hudson Lear Field, AMG College boards off the mark outside Rebound. Just quick outlet to ya. Yep. Left sidelines. Goals it up. Jalen Socks throws it down. Second time in Fort Myers. Those two have hooked up on analogy. You 69 47 biggest leader game for Do you Number three Most rush yards ever in the Civil War rivalry came courtesy of Jamaar Jefferson. This part of his huge night against the Ducks. Mike Parker Clearfield. I am geek. Our special gift from our Jefferson When a nice cut gets out to the 30 35 40 Right Sideline midfield. 45 40 35 30 to Mar Jefferson 15 10 5 Jabbar Jefferson touchdown. Beeper number to the Irish continue to get consistent play under center. Big reason. Why, and these unbeaten this from Notre Dame Radio network from Lust arrived. What drops back stands in against the four man Rush runs out to his left thinks about running. Oh, flicks it downfield. It's part of the 30 yard line. He just flipped the ball 10 yards up in the air of Michael Mayer caught it for a gate of nine. Wow! Style on the number one play of the day and second to none comes with a backup punching home. The game winner for the Beavers in the final ticks again from Lear Field. I MG college forth out a couple of inches, Nolan tries to sneak anything Touchdown. Bieber's for the Leave Chance stolen in his first snap is an Oregon state beaver. Sneaks it and taking the snap from Nathan Eldridge and chanting all in for the injured dressed in Genovia scores to put the Beavers ahead 40 to 38 with 33 seconds to play. That certainly hurts the Ducks. With regards to that college football playoff rise and grind work each Andrzej will ensue been weekday mornings from 6 to 10 A.m. Eastern, here on ESPN Radio on ESPN News, Keyshawn Johnson, J. Williams and Zubin Manti back on Monday to discuss the state of college football in the NFL. Amid this pandemic in the.

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