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Eighty in Fremont. Matt Bigler kacie b ask him at a six year old Oakland girl hitting the head by new year. Here's morning gunfire. Still improving but KCBS reporter Doug sovereign says the cops now admit they may never be able to catch the person who fired that shot into the air shot in the head moments after midnight. The six year old girl is now in stable condition and expected to recover fully and she'll probably carry a souvenir for shooting for the rest of her life. They do not have any plans to remove the bullet. It will stay in her head. It's too dangerous. It's very high risk to remove that bullet Oakland police officer. John Watson says that complicates the effort to catch the shooter. There can be no ballistics testing on the bullet which was one of many celebratory shots detected by the city's shot spotter system in the area that night it is going to be difficult because there were multiple activation. We also know that bullet can travel a great distance. We know that can travel close to a mile some can go further than a mile, depending on the type of firearm weather to handgun a rifle. And also the caliber Watson says improving technology could help someday. But for now, probably no one will be held to account for this shooting in Oakland. Doug, sovereign KCBS. Meanwhile, Oakland police say they believe they're closing in on the two suspects involved. In a recent hit and run that sent a fourteen year old boy to the hospital with critical injuries. Charles green tells KPI x five he started recording. What was happening on his cellphone when he saw the boy crying. Out for help after he'd been hit by a car and dragged for four blocks the video shows a man and a woman standing outside the car looking at the teenager and then getting back in and driving away leaving the boy in the street. Green says the whole thing is really unbelievable. Who does this? You know, what.

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