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Here and Dugan's lake. They, wouldn't, find your body, till, spring So cold out. General Grant statue was flapping his arms Please junior you know I don't like to hear people exaggerate Anyway cold weather don't write me. I was a fur trapper up north Winnipeg for several years you. Know that and that's. Where they make the weather on earth forget one. Time. Here. Let's, let's. Take, our coach, off and be comfortable junior okay yeah I'll. Never forget the time I was running my trap line I. Smacked into a blizzard thirty two miles from my cabin g was. A cold was it. Cold union it was so cold teeth in my. Pocket. Comber. Chattering The smoke my campfire pros. Solid before it got five feet. In the air just kind. Of congealed in Palo over on. The ground and that's. What saved my life? Tell us about me is if anybody could. Stop you Sure quick supply I pee on the campfire beat that's the kind of. An implantable Turk isn't it yeah. But I was referring to Pete was working with me Threw on the fire because. He. Was wearing, a sheepskin coat see well sir. The smoke pros and fell down I, grab it? And, start piling it up you. Ever handle any frozen smoke Now we've heard a lot of. Hot air that was pretty salad All right that is. The first portion of fibber McGee and Molly from December fourth nineteen forty five winter walked to do against lake with Jim and Marian Jordan and Shirley Mitchell is in this cast had the great pleasure of kind of. Hanging out with. Her and having a bite to eat years ago she she plays Alice darling in the show. But she was, also on the great Gildersleeve she was Leila ransom on the great Gildersleeve. For awhile and other other shows and they'll so. Much, fun to get. That she. Was so nice and we actually did a recreation of the great Gildersleeve and. I played why played the LeRoy role right she was Leila and Willard Waterman was Gildersleeve and I somebody told me that they have a copy of that video I would love to get a copy of that yeah. I, would too Playing hey I was. Playing, LeRoy announced yeah Was a lot of fun we did that I think it was either in. Ohio or, New York where we did that but anyway it. Was a lot of fun getting the meet a lot, of these people from the. Radio shows are let's take a quick break then, it's, more on the WGN radio. Theater Labor.

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