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Make some Your battle may tell us they only made a place but I love it here to stay. It's the great Billie Holiday all rights. Let's check in with newsrooms around the country. Tomorrow's news tonight. Taking off with Peter Angelopoulos from the Herald Sun painter. Good evening. Good I feel McWilliams winds is involuntary administration. Half of all the employees are going to be let go. It's really sad, you feel well. Basically, we've learned that strike always changing with the wind face, including their moves away from bottles under $10, and that's when McWilliams of specialized Have a basic needs and given also that the embargo with the Chinese trade sanctions as well, if they live in a massive his, Um KPMG administrators of the history of trading losses with the company, and it doesn't think viable anymore. They're looking to fill ish. Um, but it's six generation family business. It's gonna be a little hard to imagine a good guy broke selling something grow, but still, anyway, Absolutely 220 year old company love people be out with that work, so it's It's a terrible situation, but I thought we will buy more Aussie wines, but obviously not, Hmm. Yeah, I'm all right about 600. Passengers getting off the tram had near misses with cars just in the past two months, Apparently It is really this is really terrible news because seven people have been struck by cars were getting on a rough trans this year alone. That's down from about 16 2020. Through better. Yeah, You're absolutely right that 600 passengers getting off trains have been endangered by motorists in the past two months, and that's obviously concerning strike spike in the missus across the network, And he was thinking also reveal that there were 271 name Mrs in February in 300 living in March, and most of those around, you know, school, pick up and drop off times. You gonna wear Well, you know, that's probably the one of the most vulnerable times that the kids to get on and off. Trans. Exactly. Exactly. New research suggests pits, exhibit human emotions and can have jealous fits. Death of death because they Ugo You can only feel more sure. No, no. Okay, well, this new resource research does cats and dogs, but essentially, they focus on French Bulldogs Kettle and here are a little lovely pick of them on Page three, but New research shows dogs In particular, they exhibit a complex human emotion of jealousy. The meetings of the writer, potentially strike and think dogs and fits of jealousy. Not so much cat. The dog's of the one male that things would be just the most prone to Cheeks, jealousy in the likes of its University of Oakland research and has been published in psychological fine, and it shows how dogs We actually similar. What Children's reactions might be when they why they're researching, covert or, you know, cancer or something Right? For heaven's sake. They got money to do research Peter while doing research and something years for I greatly few 100% feel, but we got a lovely pick on three. My glorious sunshine. A couple of strange bugs. It's fantastic. Candy paint. It's gonna be a slow day for the pig headed there on page three off, you know if you will make it a good one. Yes, and put their Angelopoulos from the Herald. Sun Cute pack cute dog and cat pictures. All right, Danielle, What's that? The Sydney Morning Herald and joins us to Thanks for joining us, Daniella. Thanks for having me right. Have you with us? The transport ministers proposed subsidizing car parks waving stamp duty. And giving access to transit lines for drivers off electric cars. Wow, that would be something. Yeah, wouldn't it s O. Andrew Constance has told this in the morning heralded the government should not introduce such a levee into a tax on electric vehicles until electric vehicles made up. 2 40 to 50% of the car market, he said. He said Well, I also needed to pick up a drop dead date for a complete conversion to electric vehicles. Hey, said that we'll make ourselves at the laughing stock of the world. Only five fouls introduced an electric vehicle tax too soon. So while the west rest of the world will have moved to manufacture electric electric cars will be still here. Struggling is what He told the paper. So he says the government needed to consider big incentives for vehicles, including subsidize car parks with charging stations and allowing them in transit lanes, which currently available two Busses tax season. Has carrying multiple passengers. Yes. Just to mention the driver. Rage gets stronger civil liquid cast who would cruise past anyway? A doctor who helped bring 3000 Australians back from India. Last year's is the Indian Australian community once a concrete plan. For repatriation. Yes. So Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also been urged to set up a dedicated covert 19 surge quarantine facility and immediately immediately returned home vulnerable Australian citizens of the grounded in India. This is come from a joint letter from eight cross bench MP The direct flats, as we know from India have been halted until at least may fix 15 to take pressure off our hotel quarantine system in anyone that's being in in here in the past, 14 days, has been warned that they paste Finds on jail but the chairman of the India Australia Strategic Alliance, he says he's also a long term liberal party member. He said he'd seen no evidence of a plan to managing arrivals from India. Once flights resumed, he says, We need to bring these people back ASAP. Onboard, he says. If they don't want to, They should just let us bring those people and give us approval there will bring will bring our people back. Mr Morrison is confident Flats will resume shortly after the travel suspend truly in less than a fortnight. National Disaster Recovery Agency will now get advice from a new Australian climate service. Which will anticipate risks from climate change. Yes. So the $600 Million National Recovery and Resilience Agency will start operating from July and it will bring together existing ever efforts, managing recovery from drought bushfires, the north queens and floods and recent storms and floods in the South Wales and Queensland. And this includes managing the $2 billion National Bushfire Recovery Fund set up after the devastating fires in the 2019 and 20 summer, state governments will still provide the support while a natural disaster is happening, and the national agency will step in once the immediate crisis has passed. The Bush viral commission last November recommended a national recovery agency They set up the prime ministers of the funding, which will apparently be next Tuesday's budget would help both communities to rebuild. And to strengthen their defenses against future major disasters. Okay. All right, then the other. Thank you. Good night. Yes, you too. Daniel White from the Sydney Morning count. Joining us, Cameron want Lee from the high bad Mercury also joins us, Cameron believing could only feel The Tasmanian cricketing legend Ricky Ponting is our sliding in India is the country's Premier League. Is now being suspended indefinitely due to cover it. Yeah, that's right. Punting Coach is the deli capitals. He's now in isolation with fellow a strange Steve Smith and Marcus stoners who are also with that particular franchise. As you mentioned there, the Indian premier Li has been suspended. There's more cases that have been detected among players and stuff. I had been in a strict Boire security bubble, but that bubble was breached. Unfortunately, I mean the country's devastating covered crisis that that's going on. Over there. This 36, Australian cricketers, coaches and commentators still in India and among other test miners there include fast bowler rally Meritus. The most recent reports out of India shot there were around about 355,000 new daily cases reported. And as we know the strain government has been floods from India to Australia. Until my 15. It's just they were starting what's happening over there? And there's this many Australians also who will be anxious about trying to secure their way home. Yes, indeed. They all right, the investigator off the devastating 2013 Donnelly bushfire. Has denied being anxious to blame a property now the center of a massive civil climb. S so this coast is being described as one of the biggest in testimony in legal history. This 400 plaintiffs suing a woman that they climb was negligently responsible for the blaze. A guard cold. Very bones was the test Manya Fire Services original for investigator at the time of the blaze, and he gave evidence in the Supreme Court of Tasmania today..

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