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I can share my writing the people and they will be interested and i can see cooked unity's and i can talk to people and in a practical way a lot of tools are opening by probably wouldn't had the confidence to keep trying to go out and people have introduced themselves to me hey i wouldn't if introduced myself to and also i i'm getting answers to questions questions i didn't know i had but also i would have been too embarrassed to us the things i have uh just i just let what track in is in might was of foot traffic turn it all to see in our and under full these days entertainment richard holbrooke compares lawsuit this speech is a beautiful thing but i would've been embarrassed i didn't know that until that batman done because i didn't know that i fully wasn't the right pleasanton to debate up this well people who are now these things up i'd iron and i'm here that's how i feel about it today iraq paid so in terms of agents and editors and things like that i mean he's all right and very personal too of you don't need to also before can off the full question instead i didn't the stand so that he can interim yeah is it personal student gonna you said that you leave you didn't have the confidence to pull out the could share with a people was was use hold nine kiss it wasn't because it was passed no it was just because i didn't think it was good enough.

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