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Then went on to win the champion. Yeah, I mean, he justified of Justin, didn't he tear poo and to be fair, and you mentioned their previous winners of this race. I thought in all honesty, it was a pretty good contest for a greater, although a couple of the horses, their form is a little bit questionable, but they're good names in themselves, aren't they? If you look at the likes of clicks in the os. Sadler and Felix Jersey, there's G they're all courses in the past that have, you know, they've done themselves justice on the race course, I think. So but the winner is a horse very much on the improve. I think the other horse I just mentioned never their form is a little bit questionable and they sort of gone down in grade, whereas this force to me looks like he's on the up on the improvement and going up in grades, whereas the rest of the field unfortunately have lost their way a bit. It's one of the most disappointing horses for me, given the fact that he was a child and festival when a last season, he pretty much walked away, didn't he with the winner cheltenham last season as a four year old, so in the JCB and to be fair, he has disappointed me since. So I think tier two is very much on the improve yet very much going the right way. Whereas I think the rest of the field are going the other way, if you see what I mean, but I think the show well, he's out there pretty much all the way around, but what I was impressed with most was his tennis foot from the last hurdle to the winning line. So that's what impressed me most with him. With the greatest respect to everybody else, I mean, honey circle obviously sets an incredibly high bar and a phenomenally high standard. She's a champion Harlow winner. She's a three time Irish champion of the winner. The standard that she sets is phenomenal. Outside of her does not really that much to fear, and I include appreciated in that for the reasons I gave. So tipo.

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