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Six months ago because your symptoms are that severe then that's what you should do today officials say the elderly and those with underlying conditions are the most vulnerable three minutes after ten o'clock time for traffic signals anyway but good morning watch out for the ladies if you're taking a ride on the cross Bronx he found at the Alexander Hamilton bridge there's a crash sitting on the shoulder we're looking at delays of about fifteen minutes into town at the GWB downstairs there's an accident taking the right lane under the apartments for ninety five eastbound approaching the Lincoln tunnel with a crash past pleasant Avenue left lanes closed their twenty minute ride in at about twenty five at the Holland alternate side parking rules are in effect southern state parkway thank read Avenue with a crash in south Hempstead and if you're traveling on twenty seven south a closure in Franklin township between south middle bush road and Bunker Hill road because of the pedestrian accident this report is sponsored by discover did you know discover matches all the cash back you earn on your credit card at the end of your first year plus discover is accepted at over ninety five percent of places in the US that take credit cards learn more discover dot com slash yes twenty ninety Nielsen report limitations apply that your W. O. R. traffic check to Wall Street numbers in just a moment keeps getting better not by some magic wand by the magic of action by pursuing better on whether that means easier scheduling quicker recoveries smarter treatment options creater practices never stop searching because better never rests and neither do I can help keep getting better if you're hearing now but it used to be do.

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