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This is host and founder. Andre Hebron the author of the drawing board which is a powerful thought provoking testimonial challenges the reader to examine their life and to re imagine the possibility I also am the host of the drawing board experience. It is a conference where we draw consummate professionals to inspire motivate and bring you to a point of transformation in your life. I also serve as the Dean of Climate for Detroit Public School Community. District at Dawson. Elementary Middle School said ninety isn't exciting night. I get a chance to bring the myth. The legend you know The man and woman from Dawson Elementary Middle School better known as Principal Brown and assistant principal. Doc is in the crowd though. Wa did the show guys run as Lucy blue. Oh Man listen it is my pleasure to have you all on I. E intimately the work that you've been committed to And how much passionate joy an exuberance and even sometimes long-suffering early days long nights the to put in Dawson every single day. So first of all let me just ended. No it is a pleasure to serve beside. You are on a daily basis. So tonight we'RE GONNA. Jump GonNa jump right into it Principal Brown how long have you been serving in the field of education just completed March twenty fifth year? Now my twenty six year in the field education and I'll have to say I spent nearly twenty years teaching second grade through fifth grade. La Spent a few years towards the end of that twenty year span. Teaching computers and I spent the last six years in administration. Okay so you have a made a proverbial Klein. Were you seeing all fastest edition from the teacher role to Technology role as an assistant principal Now hold the principal ship right so mark. Would I like to call a player coach right? I always see myself as a teacher. You know many of the years I spent in On the teaching side I was a part of the of T- And served as building rope for my school man. Elementary for nine years so I work very hard and very diligently on that I always trying to put students first so I'M MARINA TO THE TABLE WASN'T administrator. Is that you know we always WANNA put students first and Try to supply. My teachers will all resources and things they need to be successful at job and making sure we meet every need of our students. Excellent now. Mrs Dawkins You have been in the field Education for how long Adnan or twenty four years so I Started off as a math teacher. And then I became a MAC coach. And then I wasn't instructional specialist and I've been in assistant principal two years excellent so you also took the proverbial Klein Through education seeing your perspective that you went into coaching around the became an instructional specialists. And now you are an assistant principal. What advice especially since we're talking about How education thing and changing Amidst Kobe nineteen particularly. What advice would you give to a a students that are looking to go into education and then be teachers that are looking to climb through the ranks of getting into administration? What would you give to? The student is going into education that has to me. Yeah destined to both of you. So we'll go ladies first ladies first. Okay so I to nicer first question about students during this time Kobe nineteen. I think that we've done a good job. Transitioning to the virtual learning and our participation has increased We've done some things to give students more prepared to be online as well as the district will be providing the some resources to aid in that students have stepped up and had been participating. Their teachers still completing their assignments in feedback back and doing the best they can. We have our support staff supporting us and reaching out to families in doing wellness checks. Making sure that everyone can is okay or have any questions that they can ask her. We're trying to help them. Read also make them aware of what resources are still available as we still or through this difficult time for your second question in terms of advice for people wanting to move up the ranks in this field. You move up. The ranks in the field wanted In leave their role Graham.

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