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So when you put all that together, there is no park. Currently that meets all the requirements and they're talking about Disneyland and the other major park's opening next summer. Months and months away because they have to. If I understand this, the big parks that's your Disney. You're not universal. I think Magic Mountain probably if it's there, they've got to get all the way up to yellow tear, which is the best tear. And so Disney is opening up Rust land. Ah, which is the newest land. Right next to fantasy land. They've been talking about litigation against the state. Oh, I can imagine, and other states where there has been litigation against the governor over restrictions Sometimes the people suing have won in court. So I don't know what would happen here but there they haven't filed anything yet, but they have been talking about it now. Are you surprised or not surprised that up till now, you haven't seen these lawsuits when the amusement parks the number and the magnitude of that business is just so enormous that they have yet to file a lawsuit. I'm literally surprised. I would have thought they would have already drafted one. And when Newsome announced the guidelines, they would have filed it immediately, saying these guidelines that you know they would have drafted it in anticipation and then said these guidelines are impossible. Especially because Disney Orlando is open. So how can one be open and not the other? That should be pretty easy to prove. Well, nearly 50,000 people turned out in L. A county for the first weekend of early in person voting.

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