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At one twenty four jay phillips komo news hello everybody good morning to you and heavy thanksgiving as you do you're a lastminute chores it doesn't look too bad weather wise yes there will be some rain showers out there yes we still have some concerns about flooding in some of our rivers but other than that i think it's going to be reasonable we've got temperatures expected to be right around the fifty degree mark fifty four maybe 53 in that range and not as warm is what we did yesterday but on all not too shabby there you have it in the komo weather center i'm steve pool the bummer 22nd marks the fifty four th anniversary one of the darkest moments in american history of the assassination of president john f kennedy over the years we've spoken with so many people about their day vincent bouillaud ci came on the national scene as the deputy prosecutor in the trial of serial killer charles the the book he wrote about the case helterskelter is the bestselling true crime book of all time but baliles he also spent decades trying to debunk kennedy assassination rumors and in two thousand thirteen he gave komos charlie harder an earful his book is called me claiming history is more than two hundred pages and weighs five and a half pound saw that is pretty obvious what was guilty for many go to source on the killing is the oliver stone movie jfk second shooter the grassy knoll the mob the cia the magic bullet the magic bullet it is the president's back headed downward at an angle of seventeen degrees and then moves up word that one or number ten groups including individuals like lbj involved in the assassination and that's just a childers non sequitur in painstaking detail boulia's he goes over why he says the theories can't be true true that there tora of books are radio tv talkshows movies on college on college lectures at sara lee shrill voice of the conspiracy theorist finally penetrated the consciences of the.

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