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Late that Bakul NPR news there's no trading today on Wall Street because of the July fourth holiday yesterday the Dow the S. and P. five hundred and the nasdaq all closed at all time highs the Dow gained one hundred seventy nine points I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include the Doris Duke charitable foundation which supports the career pipeline for clinical research to the newly created physicians scientists fellowships and other programs learn more eight DDC after dot org and the any eat Casey foundation this is W. NYC I'm lance lucky with a look at our forecast for this fourth of July seventy four degrees early this morning mostly sunny and eighty seven for a high today no mention of rain through the evening for the fireworks and a chance of showers by a later in the afternoon tomorrow and those showers become more likely Friday night AT for the high tomorrow showers and thunderstorms are likely Saturday specially by noon and through the afternoon some of those storms could be severe Saturday some American icons come out of the struggles that drive our nation's store number demand pulling there was never a black hero and he was giving the finger to the white boys that had never happened before from shaft to the Rosenwald studio three sixties American icons help us understand the works of art the define us as a nation tune into W. NYC to celebrate independence day with an American icons marathon starting this morning at ten.

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