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The run on other areas of activity and try and keep the nuclear do intact at same cowboys will detroit to the how unusual is for the british government to have gone so public as you said they're making funchal demings behind the scenes and brazillian squad a lot of business done behind the scenes but this is a very public piece of diplomacy or at attempted pressure diplomacy you're you're absolutely right just in i mean i personally wanted extolled the i can remember you know six months ago twelve months ago talking to bridge politicians and officials and they were all petrified about this issue say look this is the one issue on which your britain's fabled relationship with the united states could break the where they have to flee that forced to choose between in europe or the united states now what's happened is that the uk has stock me with europe on this issue and has been very very unequivocal in criticizing president trump and yet the house hasn't fallen it and i think what it is is that the because of the nature of the trump administration and the fact that there clearly differences between the president and members of his administration on this as well many other issues that has now legitimised traditional allies being able to be critical without the relationship falling apart which is i think a a substantial change in the nature of the uk us relationship napa and sonoma between two former foreign so too jack straw later in the program james lando thanks 22 minutes to seven the film producer harvey weinstein is in even more trouble more revelations about his behavior of incoming have knives i've been hearing from correspondent in los angeles david willis some very serious allegations justin an harvey weinstein stands accused by three separate women of ray and there are a growing number of actresses it seems who are accusing him of unwanted advances they includes a gwyneth paltrow angelina jolie ashley judd mira sorvino burr's anna are arkansan goes on and on they tell i have to say as strikingly similar tale of a socalled business meetings that ended up at his hotel of whereupon harvey weinstein were damn suddenly disappear then reappear in his bathrobe either to request a mass ours ought to invite them to watch him in the shower or two exposed himself the rules of occasions on which he may just suggestive comments and attempted to cajole these victims into having.

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