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Eric Sean in New York at the Pentagon defense. Very Mark Esper lead the ceremony in their attempt to shake the very foundations of our republic to destroy our way of life. They underestimated our strength, our resolve and our unbreakable spirit. 184 people were killed when Americans Air Airlines flight 77 slammed into the building multiple wildfires running across the West California Governor Gavin Newsom says fire crews are getting a little help from the weather. Good news is There's weather starting to appear offshore that will create environment where we may get a little bit of precipitation. A modest amount of precipitation 10 people died in the north Complex fire in California alone in Oregon Governor Kate Brown says four people are known to have died, but dozens of people are missing in Washington state 980 Square miles have burned in just the last five days. Governor Jay Inslee, blaming climate change for the fire there. America's list. Thiss news Brought to you by Edelman Financial engines. NewsRadio Kale, BJ I'm John Cooley and Topic. Austin's News, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bond and Scots at Austin's Mayor Steve Abbott's claim that the council did not the fun police. Bond says it baffles him that Mayor Steve Adler is voicing opposition to the de funding movement and claiming that the council never actually defunded Austin police. But Bonnet says that's not true. And he says people and especially businesses are already taking notes. And you will not see these companies bringing their businesses and Our employees to Austin and Bonnie goes on to accuse the mayor of hypocrisy over his multiyear claims that property tax reform would strip the city of desperately needed dollars for policing. Bonnet says Ather only changed his tune once became politically advantageous to appease activists. Patrick Osborne NewsRadio Kale, BJ, the city of Cedar Park, approves a new budget did tax rate. While the new rate is at its lowest point. Since 1998 officials say average homeowners may still end up paying about $2 in 65 cents more month across Texas Kuroda virus numbers are starting to look a bit better. Causative ity rate has Falling to 7.5%. LBJ radar Weather Watch Low 68 High 90 Get Austin news on demand and whose radio k LBJ dot com..

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