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Sure will thank you for that question because i think it says it's central to the film understanding of the film and by the way i would say that those people which number which included people like ray bradbury and and you know we don't know what is like azima thought but a lot of people at the end of you know at the end of the film you know when it was first being premiered and first shown we're criticizing it because how was the most human character and the human the human beings were emotionally emotionless and seemingly automated and you know as if this wasn't a conscious choice all you have to do is look at kubrick's prior work and understand that he was you know he didn't make random choices it wasn't a failing it was an intentional statement about our relationship with technology and what technology was doing to us you know one of many reasons why this film is still relevant today when they made that film in the late sixties we didn't have anything like the amount of reliance on technology we do now with everybody looking at their at their cell phones most of the day at the expense of looking around them and so on and so on and so on and so there are a series of scenes in the film where this is very subtly underlying so for example the birthday party greeting the birthday greeting from astronaut frank pools parents when he watches it from a tanning bed and wall hal is in dialogue with him actually you know how announces we have something from your parents and then he watches it totally impassively and then after they sing him happy birthday and see you next thursday and so on he says okay thank you how pull in the.

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