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Their stories about his days at net suite even as an executive where he was right there in the trenches with other developers working on the code and many people many of the developers said to he codes faster than anyone else here and he served as chief technology officer for net sweet through much of its history so right out of college he got the nod to come and work for the oracle corporation and i'll talk about oracle in a subsequent podcast kind of give you the oracles story because it's also very interesting but in general moral is a computer technology corporation that started back in nineteen seventy seven and it's one of the largest software makers in the industry it's kind of like right behind microsoft one of the founders of oracle larry ellison played a very important role when that sweet becoming its largest investor goldberg worked for oracle for in various capacities for several years until nineteen ninetyfive he decided then to strike out on his own any founded a web development firm called imbed software and that's m b e d no no e at the beginning of that goldberg's operation was relatively small he didn't have a whole lot of people working for maybe like fifteen or so but even so he found it challenging to operate the business successfully and one of the things that frustrated him was that unlike big companies which had access to very complex software kits that allowed them to do things like track customers and at do payroll and all this kind of stuff he found that small business owners didn't really have those options there there weren't a whole lot of assets out there that they could use especially ones that would be affordable to a small business most the solutions out there were meant for big big companies and therefore they cost a lot of money.

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