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Very well. Let's just talk a little bit more about the company because the one thing that was going through my mind, there's a lot of a lot of buys these being done. My question to you the scope as what does your company need to do to defend itself? Perhaps in this marketplace g field vulnerable to bid. No, no, no the toll. I mean. No. Although as all CO, say share price has is good value, but the market dictates chef prices and forbid does come in the board have a responsibility to look at it. But it's something we sit sit and the office of discussing whether that would be one we've just get on with the day today. Running comfy great value in our ship price. Just because of the acids we have on our own balance sheet that the listed companies in India, the cash we hold okay? So assured up which I would say probably does make you more of a proposition that perhaps. Say and one of the flow of money, the numbers, the numbers are substantial twenty seventeen thirty three forty billion when he has not hammer, gene, stop has been turn. Yeah. I think so I mean, we we determine performance and our flagship Beckwith the funds towards the last quarter of last year when value and quality came back into fashion after years and years of of growth being the sort of trend, then also a guard has had a phenomenal start to the year. It's up four five percent something along those lines. So have you seen a flow of money in have you seen a flow of money? I think what we're looking at is is is money. Not going really rather the money coming in. But we've had a very good first quarter in terms of in terms of gross sales. That said, so it's it's it's turning it. It's like turning tanker. It's going to take it's gonna take. Tung. What do you think what do you think is too? Big big move as CEO J. There's a big new plan is one hundred day option on the table. Yeah. I think it'll be more of the same because the strategies being in place for a year year and a half. So I think we'll just try nex acute the Strachey sale. Help him as best. I can execute. The strategy one way that I know you had as part of the word phenomenon west let's get around coat did Aberdeen by any off the bonds in the around co ball. I wouldn't know. But reading the press they tell me we have. So I hope we have. I mean, it looks good. It looks it looks as if it's gone, really. Well, so do you think it's been phenomenal as an investor, and you seem petty of bond issues, would you say this is something to to bond more in the secondary market on the reading of the data that you have I suspect it's going to be too pricey in the secondary market. But I don't know. I mean, if I say to a fund match to buy something he does he sells so. So. They'll probably by now rather than south. Okay. But you could rich it could it could cheapen paps in the second in this. Sure. I mean, I think the demand is so massive that. From what I read. It's it's going to go. Well, okay. Is this a seminal moment? Eight let's say in sight, easy as a turning point in the story. The around coast SABIC, and you can on the bond story because it is the big based in the market is it a pivotal moment. Yeah. I think so I mean around coast, clearly, a very powerful company, and definitely the way this is gone must be a real boost to their their missions for Ramco. Now. I know that you go and see the people when you're not Dhabi where you're in Kuwait. And when you're in various other countries, the oil markets on a five-month high. Are you seeing are you seeing any step change of flow of money from the sovereign wealth funds? I think the sovereign wealth funds clearly doing. A lot better than they were when the price was twenty thirteen so. Yeah. That definitely accumulating more. And and the best. I I suppose the question is as in terms of the oil market. Do you see a need the mental when you go out, and you talk to the investors in this region? What is their risk appetite right now when you talk to them? For vestments. It's good. I mean, looking like the rest of the world probably more alternatives than just shall we say straight equities or straight bonds. So everyone globally is raising their target in in alternative. So I would expect to see globally going from about fifteen percent to twenty percent over the next over the next few years. So so hopefully, we can help help some of these these big asset owners achieve that target say if maturity shift their targets there's a natural level of fight for the business. I mean five percents of the global pots of money is a huge sum of.

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