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Internship? A senior project. You eating class credits for this stent? Are you leaving for good? Just headed home for the summer semester in Rome. It's always the brains of the XR four ti I, Keith Arnold was the taunt cell. We can all see him, but we're not really sure what he does or why he's there. And Keith. I heard you played baseball at Notre Dame in 98. Well played isn't really the right word seeing if you had one appearance. One appearance for one inning. What do you do throughout the ceremonial first pitch? Were you the guy in terms of warming up the right fielder? In between any Did you shag foul balls and returning to the snack shack? Damn! Keith took some on his way out the door, didn't he? Not to jam a mike an indie clip in the middle of a Dan in Denver profile, But this Mike in indie sound bite. Got cut for time this past Friday, and since we're on the subject of Keith, why the hell not just double back and double down and play it anyway? Rome doesn't exactly have a crew of ass kickers. On the other side of that glass. You got hawking throughout his back putting on his shoes. Hollywood Just hit the dude. Dude. No, no soundbite, while Keith Arnold takes a hands off approach, just like he does every day at work. This guy works like he's got a guaranteed contract. I haven't seen him do a damn thing since he showed up. So back to Dan in Denver. I love a guy who's not afraid to go big game hunting. Because besides tattooing Keith he also took a really good run at the five time champ Shaunie. Look no further than the Cablinasian. He parlayed this thing into his own weekly show. Sean, you host the show once a week, then no one listens to. Who are you? The wood scope, son. You and I both get on CBS Airwaves a couple minutes a week were paid about the same to like How Sean stood up with Carbone last year wearing a Letterman jacket from two decades ago. Beer guts spilling out the front, so it doesn't zip anymore. 10 years between calls, bro. This isn't a high school reunion. You also rented a Ferrari for the night. People didn't even recognize you. They just whispered. That's the guy who used to be really good at calling a radio self Dan in Denver. Going off at 13 1 on stock nut could be some value there for a guy making just his third appearance at the main event. Finally, let's wrap this thing up. Matt in Vancouver. You know the deal with the belligerent Nuck. He is one of the two most famous reps from Canada. I want him to do as well as badly as he wants himself to do. Well, I'm not biased. I just want to prove the Canada Can hang. And I know for a fact that Matt in van can hang. You don't believe me. Just ask. Well, you guessed it. Keith Arnold. Good luck to Keith Man He's following in a long line of former crew members moving onto smaller and worse things. Will he end up like Kyle Brandt losing fake manufactured enthusiasm for some preseason NFL game? Will we end up like J Do picking up a Rodney Peete dry cleaning? We end up like those Mahdi doing whatever the hell those Mahdi's doing, Or maybe he's going to end up like Austin Huff who actually served me my coffee at Starbucks this morning, anyway, Keith, Good luck with one of the worst decisions of your life. That was an incredible grenade. They took out like five people, and it's not the first time that Matt van is piled up A long body count in a short period of time. Smack off season is upon us time to weed out the frogs. My man, namely Dan in Denver, who I called out for being a cowardly punk bitch over a month ago, we still haven't heard a peep from arrest My case and nice to see a cute little gift from left in Laguna Laguna Beach Belly get this free, too busy swapping Q tip techniques with Andrew Siciliano and Adam Silver to call the show. Front running bag. And as for this gas bag, Rick and Buffalo Rick, you look like an angry, screaming human Penis man, mixing a baseball cap. So my man clearly has the regular season jobs. We all know this. I've got to see him put it together when it matters most When it matters most. I'm taking this candidate he personally wrong. I'm a perpetual road team. I'm out, man. I'm outgunned, but I wouldn't want it any other damn way Rich, Just the jungles version of a mall. Cop of fat loser regardless, no respect at all. But it's pepper spray makes him feel like a tough guy. I don't know if this drizzle guy is good or not, but I do know Drizzle is the stupidest name I've ever heard talking about this 40 year old loser has done nothing but record your content for 20 years and put it on his own website. It's pathetic. Your boss Eric spits female viewership has jumped no less than 900%. And hey, Mona, we're going to win you over, baby. You'll be team Canada soon enough War Regine The OC going full. Reese McGuire during his called Cal in Vegas is a deluded psychotic hooker addicted moron. Adam Huckle is such an insufferable d bag that everyone not named. Alvin has quit for far worse job Mark in Boston. Tony Saragosa pimping man's depends things you need to clean your act up. What Dan in Denver, using a shaken up soda bottle as of the day, and I know you said numerous times. Mark in Boston could win a smack off and man. You're right. If left Vic Mike Jail, Benny Tyler and myself all pass away before the smack off and mark in Boston. Sure, as it has a chance. Can we get Jeff Liver smoothie and go ahead and send him the hell away against damn man? His palatial estate in Virginia? I think we know that was about 10 years in a Supermax federal penitentiary for sex crimes, Jeff only memorable. Think Dan is done in the last years. Get his ass not No, but my guy Big Daddy beats Studio City for the truck. Stop. Hooker Bum sex Blast, Rick. Everybody is sick of you. And you're uglier than the new bowling ball working for wrong. The only item on our shared calendar Corona is Mrs Corona scheduled Northern Sando Kyle son. I'm Peyton Manning. And you're the trainer and I'm dropping D's right on your forehead War. Canada's Come back pick That's the heat that I'm looking for. On the 25th from that from Dan from Sarah T. And while we're on the top of the smack off, this is a memo to the entire field, who plans to show up on that day. Find a hardline, find a hardline, find a phone that plugs into the wall. Find a phone, whose only function is to be a phone. Sound quality is so important. You can have the best call in the world. But if we do not understand it, or we have to work to decide for it, it's utterly worthless. I'm going to call some people out right now. I'm talking to everybody but especially Jeff in Southfield, Caleb in Green Bay Mark in Boston Cow in Vegas, Matt Van Dan in Denver, Tyler in Edmonton CJ in the Bay, all of you. There's been issues with all of your phone lines. Get a hard line. Get on the best phone possible. Do not call on a cell phone. It's the five minutes Five minutes of the most important on air real estate in the game. Do not leave any of this to chance. Do not risk it with crappy cell service. Really important advice. Pay heed That and the fact that we are now 10 Days, eight shows out then it's here. Let's do this damn thing. All right, smack off 27 5 grand to the winner and some valuable real estate on cruise Pet dragons rig. 1 806 368686. Got my guy Bruce Feldman coming up. Next is always going to talk to Bruce, one of the best of the best. And we were talking to ball with him Our number three straight ahead. And on the other side of that you've.

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