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The trial of robert durst. I'm joined by my co host brittany bookbinder. And we're bringing you some breaking news from los angeles superior court brittany will read you. The memo that just came in from the meteo relations office of the court for immediate release august. Six twenty twenty one judge mark e wyndham orders a recess until monday after trial observer tests positive for cova nineteen judge mark e wyndham. Recessed the trial yesterday after notification that an individual present in the courtroom but not a member of either trial team had tested positive for in nineteen. Furthermore judge wyndham learned that this individual in defiance of strict cove nineteen court and public health protocols had been experiencing symptoms for several days but none the less attended the trial. The member of the public who tested positive was wearing a mask when attending trial this week after receiving the positive test notification yesterday judge wyndham immediately recessed. The trial excused the jury until monday and began gathering details of this troubling incident. The delay of the trial could have easily been avoided. If the courts cove nineteen protocols which match the protocols of the los angeles county department of health and the c. d. c. had been followed as directed at all courtroom entrances on the courts website and announcements on the courts twitter account after review of the facts including contact tracing and an assessment of close contacts under established public health definitions. Judge wind him and the court determined that the circumstances do not warrant further recess of the trial. Charlie what can you tell us about. This co vid positive tests. That is cited in the memo from the court. Well i i want to say that. I don't wish covert on anyone. But as soon as i walked into the courthouse thursday morning i could tell there was some sort of tension that something was afoot. Lawyers were going in and out of the courtroom looked like they were huddling with the judge and they weren't talking to reporters that were gathered outside They were pretty tight. Lipped so My head antenna went up as to what was going on early in the more in the session. I did see two defense lawyers leave. And then i saw a third one during a break leaving with his A bag of of materials. And i said to what's going on where you going. And he said to get tested and i did notice that on tuesday. The person who tested positive for cogan had been sitting front and center in the gallery but on wednesday they were in an isolated spot all the way over on the left side of the courtroom by themselves. And i thought that was odd..

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