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And Jacob McKeon were charged with disorderly conduct they will be arraigned at first District Court in central Islip on October thirty first W. CBS news time is for eighteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids what's going on out there doing well we had a jam up on the vegan just above the cross Bronx getting onto the Alexander Hamilton I looks like that is cleared away and all the approaches to the cross Bronx into the George seem to be moving pretty wells fairly quiet right now on the cross Bronx I'm glad to say that the couple of our trucker friends called in just to give us the thumbs up to say it's looking good so thank you boys looking good getting over the Throggs neck in the white stone bridge and then down the cross island it looks okay however remember the incident on the eastbound southern state is still causing headaches for you at exit fourteen full road closure saying still in the eastbound direction I'm looking on the cameras I'm not seeing a whole lot of delays maybe because lack of volume but just an FYI so you may want to take sunrise or you cannot go on the Hempstead turnpike to get around that around JFK airport I'm not seeing any delays it's looking good folks getting out of town early going down the van white towards the airport you're moving along nicely no problems to report right now on the queens portion of the bill parkway traveling westbound moving nicely all the way through to Brooklyn up and over the Verrazano bridge on Staten Island we go no problems there and good news on the garden state parkway exit one thirty five all lanes were blocked it looks like that actually now has been cleared away we have alternate side rules suspended for tomorrow on our Labor Day and you don't have to pay those meters either we'll be back in less.

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