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So if I say something offensive on here, though, when you reset be like, and we're joined today. Bye. Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald can absolutely do that. I always had them. Do I remember that Twitter thing that he did that was funny. Cleveland is a good place to be. Now I liked the roster. The is not bad. Got good skill players there with them, honestly, though, back to my question, is there a unit that the dolphins are above average at probably defensive line, Chris, really? Yeah. Didn't you make on team Spence? I like their defensive ends. They've taken, they've reallocated their money to where they had it on defensive tackle with Dhamma consumer, and they took a league record, dead cap hit to get rid of him and to reallocate that money into Robert Quinn basically. So you've got Cam wake and Robert Quinn on the outside, and I can't wake is thirty five or thirty six, but I'm done doubting. I mean, he came back from the ruptured achilles with two with back toback, double digits sex season. So I I'm just gonna go down with that ship at this point. Like I'm fine with whatever point I am wrong about Cameron wake. I'm no longer expecting that. So they've got those guys. They've got Andre branch who've people are down on, but they, they don't realize that on. Trey branch played through a lot of injuries last year and significant injuries, and they've got Charles Harris. The first-round pick from Usher's. They've got four defensive ends that I think are going to be pretty good, and that changes everything by the way, because that position is so crucial to a defense. When you look at this team last year, they spent all their money on the defensive line, and then we're bottom of the league in sacks. And when usually when you bought him the league and sex as they were, they were also near the bottom of the league in Ponant passer rating. So when you're defense of line is cooking, manage changes, everything else for the people behind them. I have a dolphins question. Brock. Osweiler has been terrible. All preseason. What's your question? Exactly. I have a question yet. What would often do about brought cows Aswa options for moving him or anything? I think they'll move him as in wave him. I, I don't think he's gonna be around the thing about Brock Osweiler is even if they liked him, they can probably wave him and just nobody's going to pick them up. He'll just be sitting there when you, if you do have a situation where you need him in October November, it probably be around how are they gonna fix the the problem that they had last year defending tight ends. That responsibility mainly fell on Kiko Alonso. I was out of camp and it seems as though they're trying to take away some of that responsibility from Kiko assist where we see minkah Fitzpatrick a little bit. How do they fix this is at one time that you went to training camp just gonna count for the hall higher season. It's it does, right? We're a week, eight gaming. Detroit need to be like I was out of camp. I sound like Levi. Out that it was three months ago..

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