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A good thing. I mean, it's a good thing. If you're a sports fan who cares about what's happening on the field. If you wanna go get something fancy, eat, go out to dinner. You wanna drink some fancy microbrews go to a bar. If you wanna watch a baseball game go to a baseball game. Now, if you get there early enough you can do both. But I think the game is secondary. Maybe even third or fourth on the list. You get caught up in all the great things out there in look city field is a fantastic place to go spend a Sunday afternoon or whatever summer day afternoon. You go out there. You're gonna wait online. You're gonna get that Jacob degrom Cy Young bobblehead a little bit later on today. And you can enjoy yourself. Maybe go get some shake shack or some barbecue. Or whatever some sushi way. I mean, they got it. All. But everybody's walking around and checking everything out and playing with the kids and all that they're not there's not enough people in the seats watching the game at chase stadium. You had no choice. There was nowhere to go. Unless you wanted to go to the bathroom that was it. We'll go get a cold burger, maybe Kennedy. That was my favorite shea Yankee Stadium. You could barely finished anywhere. You know, walking around those hallways checking things out and going to see the museum and all this stuff. I mean you walking through those hallways. You're getting your sheet. You get your seed you watch the game. Maybe you get up to go to the bathroom grab a drink. While you're at it. Call the Beerman. And that's it. Since when did go into ballgames need to become first class. You don't need sushi. Cold the Bearman over order, some peanuts and watch the ballgame. Take some scores or we'll keep score the game talk, would you buddies or your neighbors? They make it so nice that it's hard to make it about the ballpark. Eight seven seven three three about the ballgame. I should say it's about the ballpark and all the fantastic amenities eight seven seven three seven sixty six sixty six more your calls on the other side it Sal licata on the fan taking two three AM when PD MAC will be here..

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