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Well you don't want it to happen and unfortunately with credit card theft identity theft you don't know the crime has happened when it's happened when you're robbed you know it when you're held up you know it you get shot you know it when you have credit card for you don't know it sometimes from months unless you're lifelock member that's exactly right if you're a lifelock member they have your credit card all this data that they used to create an online profile of you it's not that somebody's spying on your studying you is just an algorithm that's in their system and it's constantly measured against your daily activity and if there's a spike in it if you're behaving abnormally that's when they find fraud maybe maybe you behaving abnormally buying something you don't usually by but if it's fraud they tell you about it try to stop it if they can't stop it they have a team called the restoration team that fixes it and put you back together makes you whole there isn't anybody out there that does this now there are other outfits that try to tell you they can monitor your activity and help you know when some gone wrong but nobody has a restoration team and nobody offers norton security software for your hardware which helps it guard against malware ransomware that kind of stuff lifelock is the answer sign up today lifelock dot com or call eight hundred four.

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