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DTO P everybody Glad you're with us this early hour You're with WTO P 19 lane At two 28 Graphic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks good morning to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center Good morning Dan again If you're heading down early this morning depending on where you're at road surface temperatures and several areas now are under our under freezing So you definitely want to be careful Stretches in Montgomery county Frederick county Carroll county Washington county road surface temperatures are below 30° now and parts of Virginia as well especially in fog here county and Warren county culpeper county out that way So again even parts of western Ladd might be affected as well Now speaking of loudon would grow road near Alder school road close to each way that due to a down poem wires or waiting on dominion to come out for that In Della playing they also have a situation with wires down on Della playing grade road as a result it's closed in both directions to long stretch between U.S. 17 and Della playing and U.S. 50 and upper vel so again you can not drive through or continue through on Della playing grade wrote as a result So keep that in mind for now no major issues report along 66 from haymarket to roslin As of late 95 and three 95 were in good shape as well in Maryland cleaning up a crash two 70 south in the local lanes before you get down to falls road the crash along the right side was blocking the beginning of the off ramp to falls road but traffic was able to get by in upper Montgomery county woodfield road was closed between warfield red and brink road that due to icy conditions in the area of sunny acres road again cruiser headed out that way with a salt truck rich hundred WTF traffic We continue to see wet roads out there the good.

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