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Evenings shares of glencore are up four percent in london and a quick disclaimer peter groure the chairman bloomberg lp is a senior independent on executive director at glencore lloyds banking group is also out with earnings this morning bloomberg daybreak europe anchor guy johnson joins us live from london with those details good morning guy good morning karyn good morning bob the conference kohl has just started a couple of minutes ago so gets more details from lloyds over the next few minutes this is the uk's largest mortgage lender the numbers were miss this morning from the bank the reason full that's the pfi misselling scandal continues to weigh on the institute shen but investors really not focus there that focusing on the strategy going forward from here and the fact that the bank is doing a buyback or planning a buyback loyd's intends to invest four point two billion dollars into technology the back office issue that surrounds british banking we'll be solved by throwing huge amounts of money acts it and we're talking about creaking it infrastructure and invest the seemed to like the idea that lloyd's is starting to spend some more money fixing that and may be taking this blank into the twentyfirst century from london on guy johnson for bloomberg daybreak dr thank you here in the us space x launchers is falcon nine rocket this morning from vanderberg air force base in california the rocket will seek to deploy three satellites into orbit to generate sharp radar imagery of earth that launch is scheduled for nine seven tina's warning wall street time we'll bring you live coverage on both bloomberg radio.

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