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Wow okay. I that wasn't prepared for that. One yep so that's a look not so great for mr manson We yeah so. I would be pretty. Sad about horatio sanz. I don't think so. I mean i hope none. I'm assuming random after i mean it's not even like as you've been in anything lately but now. Oh that's why that sugar and snow weird. He does not have so ninety landed whose name she might have like hooked up with him and then just decided to use it yeah. That's really judgmental and harsh. This is just a we know for a fact of lying bitch. Nellie is perfect. We i this for a fact. No i'm just saying it's very possible that people can get taken advantage of in any situation whether they're celebrity whether they're normal person vice versa. Ducks welcome to welcome to world. Welcome to the living. It's i mean that's one angle with like that's the the opposite of the thing about being a politician is like yes. You probably do want to be like having another person in a room at all times kind of a thing. Weird fucking weird to think about. But it's like you have no idea unless you always like on video camera. It's like can you imagine like doctors and stuff like okay like like if you go to the obgyn as a woman. Doctor is a guy like not. I'm a little side tangent. I watched a note. Soaping bosses bad bosses or a horrible bosses. Horrible bosses so watch that jennifer aniston is sexual predator. Land charlie will. What's his real name of the movie. I it's always sunny in philadelphia and she's always. Have you not seen that movie before now. I don't remember all my god. I remember when i first saw that movie. I was working at a job that i did not like. My boss was horrible. And i was like. This movie is so accurate like this movie is. We do sometimes wish our bought just disappear forever. Yes she's sexually harassing him and he's like no my wife would never he's like she's threatening to tell his wife in any yeah if they don't hook up there's like oh by the way pulls out her phone with these pictures of doing under when he was on her and she just like like i forget she didn't like bra lingerie and she's like i'm gonna show these to your i what i was passed out for these remember when they're explaining their situations like why their bosses are so horrible and they're like yours just sounds not so bad what and then. What is it jason's today. Because i want to go hook up with her or does hook up with her. Oh my god. She's just eating all like hot dog shaped items. What.

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