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And wingo here with you so that was part of friday show tonight said one of his conditioning drills was he had to run three miles in eighteen minutes towns a six minute mile which you said yeah i could probably do one of those and to which we stopped merrily both myself and taylor says no you can't yeah so actually after the show friday you went out the track went onto the track is it just out of curiosity let's see where i'm at right now and well i i did a couple of things first of all i stretched forever make sure nothing pop foremost thing and then i said well let's just not sprinting but let's just do a pretty quick quarter mile to see to see how it went i think i turned that in like one thirty six and k so that was one fourth and i have to drop that by sixty six you need a minute thirty i wasn't fully sprinting but i knew that i was doing it i couldn't go much fast and then you would have to do that more time more times yeah so then i then i did some more stretching walked the lap and say okay let's now go to times around the track which would be a half a mile okay i turned that a little faster at about three thirty four okay and then i'm like i'm going to need a lot of so now you're at half a mile at three thirty four so if you even if you did that again you'd be seven minutes a little over seven minute yeah even if you and you wouldn't be able to do that again i'll say it'd be the third and fourth laugh so it'd be slower i think i need to worry about trying to get to seven minutes i think that would be the first the goal yeah i was somewhat happy with the first turn on the track and then i said well let's do two of these things like wow we're that panel i'm just real happy you're not limping and didn't hurt yourself i'm not gonna lie to you there was some pain in muscles that hadn't been done that quickly you said i think if i train i could get to this point and i'm like why would you trade was you do that i said let's let's have fun set setup our match in golf that we've i think i'm going to pass on this other idea fully understanding my athletic limitations which are massive by the way we talk about go four great good news coming from thailand sixth and seventh boys have been rescued down that cave and the process is ongoing so right now better than half of the team has been taken out seven boys all alive of taken out from that thailand soccer team that's been caught in those caves there are five boys left the operation is continuing as well as the five boys and then the coach again in twenty five year old coach what we don't know the going right to the golden ambulances helicopters the hospital we don't know about their situations there but they're they're out of the caves alive and they're going to the hospitals i mean you again the you still our thoughts to the to the family of the one former navy seal who who died in setting us having all of this up so there was one loss of life and you hope that's all because obviously happened it's a horrible horrible thing but the way it's going right now it's going seems to be going pretty well so many people involved in this rescue and man you just you just keep praying and keep your fingers crossed and hope they all just keep coming out it is a massive undertaking that so far has gone as well as could possibly have been imagined we'll keep you updated on that coming up lebron james not the only former finals mvp that's changed teams golic and wingo now waddle and.

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