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A with deebo samuel. Okay let's talk really quickly about golladay and then we'll move on my favorite kenny. Golladay stat is in two thousand nine hundred nineteen without matthew stafford. It's in my notes. Somewhere he was on pace for sixty catches one thousand one hundred ten yards and touchdowns that was with detroit quarterbacks on pace for three thousand three hundred thirty eight yards sixteen touchdowns in twenty interceptions. Daniel jones is actually better than that. So kenny golladay was really good with. Maybe he's better than that. I think one would certainly hope he last year he was good with david. Blaustein jeff driscoll whatever. So that's just my point there so this might be a pretty good comp. Another another guy that you know. You're taking the unproven. Elsa lot who are taking the unproven jomar chase or if somewhat proven brandon. I you over kennedy golladay. I wonder if the hamstring injury is is part of that as well of course it is. You know it's it's the combination of the uncertainty of daniel jones. The injury risk after he missed the majority of the season last year the fact that he's now banged up again to start the season. This giants receiving coulter has a lot of moving parts to it. You know sterling. Shepherd has been a very underrated wide. Receiver cadaverous tony. We don't know what exactly he's going to do you know. Certainly he's fantastic with the bomb hands. But will they get enough targets and opportunities l. darius slayton when daniel jones was at his best was playing out of this world as rookie for what his role was opportunity. And then you factor. In the district's there'll be a run for steam because on barclay with jason garrett offense should be the leader of back you know. So it's it's it's so up in the air. You know i. I originally started with golladay somewhere around twenty three to twenty five. You know he was in that range and then just slowly moving down and move me down and we'll be down now. The injury easy Down and so. He's just somebody that. I don't want to draft a lot of and i have him on my dynasty rosters in. It's okay you know. He is what he is. It's hard to trade him for value at this point because of the injury but i just don't think he's anything more than a number three fantasy receiver. You're gonna have to bank on him scoring touchdowns. I don't know if he's going to do that with. He's he's one of the more format dependent receivers in fantasy at least in my projections. I've got him actually as a number two receiver in non pr. But he's never never earned one hundred. Twenty targets never had more than seventy catches in a season. And now he's i don't i don't know that he necessarily is going to see a lot. More targets in this offense Let's go a little faster here. We get to Late round six and into around seven. We've got exciting but still got some exciting players. You guys tell me if i'm wrong but i still think there's a ton of offsides still on the board. We haven't reached the point. Where it's like little i'll settle. We got klay pool. Higgins juju sutton devante smith klay pool higgins juju sutton devante smith jamie. What do you think about this group. This group lot higgins is getting pushed down because of the addition of jason by some accounts. He's been their best receiver in camp. you was great last year with borough..

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