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Like crazy or wild i think wild is the right word they just fail utterly well with the women unfortunately is still a need for them to have sex appeal i mean i guess that's true of the men to already finn ballard lake sticking his crotch out ono jeremy men on the roster with sex appeal that our book that way but you're right it is a necessary it's like living i mean they sarah logan has to be she can't just be like a backwoods crazy person chest to be like the sexy halloween costume of exactly this as was raised when i was gonna say it's it but you look at nicky cross or someone like that and and they're allowed to just wrestle in gear a and the oil is does it have to billion exceed yeah but if she goes to the main roster i feel like you're gonna start losing layers of clothing mossy or i mean i listen i likes sarah logan a lot i think and also i mean i i think showket shop she'll be given opportunities but she sort of in the same situation where i think i said this about becky beano a couple of years ago that if the women's division is going to keep evolving and growing then sarah loewen's career will be like a bellwether for how successful it is right because like in an everexpanding women's wrestling universe sarah logan will be no have a title shot and have a big ever run at the top assuming that she's as good as i think she is but she kiss but she's a little bit of an offbeat character uh you know clearly weren't on the divas era but like whether or not a man i guess might leaves a different point that from becky lange thing with becky the point was like this when the only one women's title over the diva style and all that kind of stuff it's like she doesn't she's she's she's going to get a push if they give the nuts if they give enough screen time to the women's division full style in o overall uh than the engine she did she's got a lot of opportunities hopefully she'll have many more but yes there logan they is good the point of this has talked about live morgan.

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