MAC, Windows, XP discussed on AppleInsider Podcast - 'iPhone 8', the calm before the event, and Spire Studio Ep.137


I don't think so because i think that for a new user it's a more i o s like experience you stick to the mac apps store use absent fullscreen you know how to use an ipad it's familiar and i think that for a coretailers are like myself the general experience of using amac hasn't changed i mean i'm still using the same way i have been for the last decade is not like come in our there's some new features here and there that i use in some new capabilities and stuff but for the most part it still the same it's still the same core experiences and not i would say for the most part the one thing that i would comment about the mack experience over a period of time like this is that the i experience what i call software roger bit ron um a lot more frequently than i say i would have on windows where windows and microsoft went to great lengths to allow windows ninety five applications to run on xp and then on visa and then on seven that that there was a great effort to allow xp applications and support to be able to be used on windows seven an era that that they have an appreciation for how much legacy software is out there and allow it to keep running in some form of compatibility modia sometimes to their detriment right because running something that's not intended for that system can make it unstable with apple.

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