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And I really liked it. I think it's got got a real full body to it. And IT DRINKS REAL SMOOTH PAPA. Cigar. I'm tonight and I'M GONNA my next my next Joe Louis. Bourbon in about ten minutes is going to be a neat without any ice and I'm going to smoke a cigar. Try that but certainly certainly wonderful. See You have a lighter? Rapper Cigar there as well and you know with the Bourbon. Let's let's sweetness to elect the Joe. Louis Bourbon does for me. I think personally a lighter cigar lighter. Rapper would be better than that. I agree with you. I I'm not well-versed yet on cigars. It's kind of a new thing for me but I've really been enjoying that whole side of and and after two years Joe after two years of doing this. That's all I've learned so far about cigars. You're a good company. I've I've been different. The end of the thing in the bourbons lately. I like that. That's nice it's still how do you? How do you deal with smoking? Cigars having amazing lung capacity if I smoke a cigar before I have to perform. I'm in trouble so I never do that. But I will have one once or twice a week after performance. It really doesn't especially if the sing. It really does affect What's going on in here? You know so I can't I can't really do it. I just enjoy at once in a while but I I don't know I don't really inhale it too much so I don't know it doesn't really miss my lungs but it can get my throat and I can't even think that because you're not just the saying one of the things that those of us who know you that you're famous for is the world holding the world's longest note vocally and I don't know where the hell that air air hoses coming in your behind to keep the lungs full but somewhere it's gotta be. I've been looking for that trick for years figuring out how here's the air comes. I don't know how I can. I don't know why I can do that. You know with the trumpet. There's something called circular breathing. And it's it's it's as you playing the trumpet you put in your cheeks and then hold the cheap menu. Use the muscles to push the air out as you it. You sneak a quick wrestling with your nose. Show John.

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