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Linda before you got there doing a hard time blues, man, I just worked my azoff. You play downtown. There's one blah with there's more now. But when I first moved to town, there's one block with ours on either side, probably twelve or from at blah for four hundred block of Broadway downtown and played all those things. And he work you work, or our pets and more gigs were more money. You make the I took, I of all that I could get, and I think around twenty four hours playing or teen shifts week, which is over fifty hours of singing. We I work and work and work started touring and that was that afforded me a little more on. I didn't have to work downtown as much after started tour the paid a little better. I start man. What you do when you're doing the starving thing and you play in those as many gigs as you say, just like you just, you know, those those are gigs over and over and over again. The new now is just like the the weekly territory. We ran the same towns every single week as a little loop and macaws you were doing it six times a week. You got real good real fast because you got your chops down. Sound like the same. Oh, you did coming up in the ranks. Yeah. I mean, you know, when the town of nineteen fiddle player, I've been there for a little a bit visiting there for a few years in the summertime, and I had a gig waiting for me when I moved the with a guy named Jesse Taylor. 'cause these and and when I got there, I thought I was hot shit. You know, because in where I came from the Florida, you know there was like three fiddle players, and I was the one. You know when I moved up there on? Yeah, I'm the shit. You know, I'm gonna. I'm gonna light this town on fire, and I found out real fast that I was not as good as I thought that I was. And I got my ass wolf on that the by some people who are much better than me and I thought, well, shit, I got a better start prac- I, you had to fail, learn them right also brusher I mean, 'cause you what? If you're gonna phone up to go home, you're gonna, you know, buckle down and and keep going. Yeah, I wanted to strong man. Practice makes perfect, but they ailing in front of a crowded house. That makes more perfect. Cones and give big truecar. If you're looking.

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