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The times in london it's twenty oath nine hours ahead lopes are both thrown think he played eight hours at eight hours from la way way way them my poll my guys are hungry in sixty five thousand services stop stop it for all those people just like lost in the woods truly several years they they don't even google what year it is the google humbled by army over how to get rid of bedbugs all brutal i'm not going to fall anybody for looking not up because bedbugs are awful fucked out of we've three of them bravely wherever you are a showing how to draw rose okay you know this is the dude who like didn't get to the flowers or in time on valentine's as like fuck got to draw something dope howery fucking make rose on paper is like rape let's make a pizza oh you can do in poor poor poor google search or you can figure you can make a piece out of anything like starchy to beano ian cheesy can make a pizza in a mug in two minutes can really how many grams in a pound deng i don't know cares who cares com how many ounces in court dumb how to have sex says how to have sex stop a habit stop how to google a big step one perfect world what comes up a video an imf graphic step by step step by step into auriol michael jordan means topped up positive this stuff up how do you spell it's not how do you spell as not how do you spell how other is that how to use spout no i think that that's like an incomplete went in and the where it is come comes after that how do you spell and then consciousness on.

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