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But what's new today? It's that they not only feel they want defender to be punished. So it's suppression of speech is the main worry today. At the time of the massacre at the offices of Charlie upto in two thousand fifteen, you know millions of people took up the cause of Charlie Hebdo with the Hashtag just we surely. What is the influence and reach of Charlie upto five years on. The change is we now live in an open world we live in an open world with closed minds I tend to say so everything we do and publish everything we draw in our little corner of the world can be seen and shared and seen by people who will not understand who are not prepared to understand the subtleties lease. So that's the base of big misunderstandings I. Think the show do killing was a sort of tragic misunderstanding and think they'll be more in the future more misunderstanding it is a global coach clashing away. Patrick's Japan is a political cartoonist space in Switzerland thanks a lot. Patrick. UNCURABLE. Yesterday recess the Geena was arrested. He's known for saving hundreds of lives during the Rwandan genocide and for his story being told in the Film Hotel Rwanda Rwanda authorities have charged recess beginning with terrorism arson and murder but critics say the arrest is politically motivated. We're joined now by cloud gotTa Bouquet Claude lived through the genocide and today is an activist with the African great. Lakes Action Network Claude first of all, tell us about Paul says the by Geena for those who don't know who he is, what this story and how has he seen in Rwanda today? He's story is that all in up stander during the genocide he used the hotel that he managed to shelter over a thousand people which was really difficult during that time is of genocide and I have to move houses, multiple times and had to be in hiding. It was not an easy task to hide people. So it was a wonderful thing they during the genocide but now as a critic of the government of Rwanda, he's been painted with the same broad rush that the paint every critic with every person that comes out of the critics is branded as a genocide deny your even somebody like. That helped people during the genocide they are branded as terrorists and enemies of the country. So criticizing the President Kagami is equated with being an enemy of the state POLKA. Gami has been president of Rwanda for quite some time has Paul recess a begin I've been critical of him for a he has for at least the last fifteen years. He's been one of the leading critics of Polka gone me especially when it comes to atrocities in the Congo where. Six, million people have died as a result of one day in Uganda's invasion into the country and all kinds of human rights. Abuses publicist to begin has spoken on that. He's spoken against the dictatorship in Rhonda. He's spoken against this staged elections. He's basically been a very open and wanted the loudest critics of the government over wonder. Was Paul Richness, the beginning arrested in Rwanda or outside of Rwanda he was arrested outside of Wanda he was on a flight to Dubai and somewhere along the riot. Stopped in coughed and taken away to Rwanda but that was not his destination not on his Tinari. What are the charges that they're wanding authorities are leveling at Paul Roos Uva Geena are they saying that he's currently a terrorist and involved in arson and murder or are they saying that he was actually somebody who is involved back in the genocide during the genocide? No the accusation is was happening today they're accusing him of financing an armed group that's fighting against Rwandan government. Of course, he is a member of a coalition of which this group is a part of in when you look back at Rwanda's history, all gummy came to power in a similar manner where he was a part of an armed group that came into gopher, the country, the RPF, they Rwandan Patriotic Front, which is in power today. However wanders reacted to Paul was just the beginning of the rest. There is a lot of outrage of course what those who support the government they are celebrating but you know the place where you really see Rwandans expressing themselves freely on social media in you can tell there's a lot of outrage on this arrest because to lots of Rwandans the government itself is criminal. So, what happens now? I believe two things are gonNA. Happen One. The government's GONNA run smear campaign against him as they do with all critics. They are going to run a trial which a lot of the politically motivated trials in Wanda are neither free nor fair. We're basically judged by the president gummy however I think the international community is going to play a big role in it. What we've seen in the past is for this political cases win the international community has stood up and really shown injustice but the government over Wanda there one of government has eventually released some of the critics that it has arrested and tried and held. Club got the Buca is an activist with the African Great Lakes Action. Network. Thanks a lot. Thank you. If you spent any time in the last several months daydreaming about traveling to a distant land for fun. You've probably also spent some time cringing at the risks and hassle involved three members of our newsroom have just cleared those Kovic travel hurdles and are here to dish about it Lydia leader or H-have Lancia and Reo Saran all recently flew from the United States to relocate for reporting assignments Lydia's in Athens Arielle is in Tel Aviv and horray is in city. Now Lydia start us off how is planning your international travel different than it might have been pre cove it. Hey, Carol. So for me, one of the things I had to think about was because there are no direct flights. From Boston to Greece was where my layover was going to be because there are restrictions right now and what flights can come in to Greece from different countries. The other thing that was a little different than usual was forty eight hours before travelling I had to fill out these forms that are now required by the Greek government for every traveler regardless of where they're coming from. So I had to give them some biographical information and some you know information about where it was coming from where he would be staying once I entered the country and using that information they generated a unique qr code for me that they eventually scanned once they got into the country are how about you? Hey Carol so I actually had my ticket months in advance, and then when this whole Cova crisis came and I saw that flights were stopping I was getting a little worried and I saw that my airline was canceling flights. And surprise surprise ten days before it was cancelled am. Airline did end booking a flight on another line, which was united. Or Hey. You're headed to Mexico City what was the planning for that? Hey, everybody actually I think it was a lot easier than lydian aerial because the Mexican and the US government's. placed. Any restrictions on flights between the two countries? So it's just a matter of looking the flight and making sure I had a really good mask. It was difficult for me because I have a pet who I have a dog, her name is Shula which in Spanish that means pork chop and she. She couldn't travel in a Kennel as luggage because of the I couldn't find a single airline that is doing that right now between the two countries. So I spoke with a counsellor in Massachusetts and she gave me a letter certifying a out during the pandemic has become a emotional support animal for me and I sent that along with a veterinarian records to American Airlines, which is airline that. I took a of time. So your travels booked and in Jorges case, you have your dog registered then each of you gets to the airport and and what happened there. Let's start with you Ario. So I was actually pretty impressed arriving at Logan Airport in Boston. There's a lot of social distancing and people were wearing masks and you know benches had banners on them trying to limit seating. I was actually really impressed and then I got onto my flight to Newark and the flight itself was packed shoulder to shoulder now one MTC. So it was surprising that in the airport, there was so strict distancing measures, but on the flight itself while the guidelines and precautions were pretty much thrown out the window. What about you Lydia? What happened at the airport? Yeah. Arielle actually had some of the same experiences and thoughts that you did my first flight to Frankfurt was unlike yours pretty much empty. I, mean everyone kind of had their own road to themselves, and there were announcements about covert related measures that we kept hearing on the flight..

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