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At this point it has an effect it continues i completely understand that but do you think they were at a place though that the consumer expects the retailer to sort of absorb that i mean the problem of stir enemy in the case dealers thinking consumer can absorb it the consumers are doing better wages are higher some of them are getting bonuses actually increase prices ab lg price increase brains absorbing that hyundai of i dunno right where i don't know this consumer russia i don't absorb that i don't know but protectionism and trade barriers in everything that's going on at least in terms of the rhetoric last week tomorrow we're going to flex some muscle we're going to tell the world how tough we are on trade this is all going to be inflationary it's all going to have an impact and at a time when we've been expecting inflation at some point to rear its ugly head and yet people are pricing in four fed hikes were at about fifteen percent probability of that we're at a fifty eight percent probability of three hikes i think of people beyond the curve are driving today said he'd gone the car you d risking your yes yes today today today i sold emerging markets that that to me or part of a tactical allegation which to me i tree quite actively and i flat did out i think emerging markets are are going a lot higher but they don't need to go a lot higher when there is overbought as they were in the dollar was his oversold as it was well if he thought today was wilder next guest as buckle up a pullback is coming and you want to listen to him because he is wall street's biggest ball tony dwyer chief market strategist at canaccord genuity is over at the plaza to break it all down tony take it away.

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