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Dr right. yeah they did a great job man I mean we were trying to we completely stalled a little bit offense of Lee in that in that second half couldn't really get much going and they were they played a they were on the grass quite a bit but to to the credit of our guys we all these they stuck together and we talk about it sometimes we're gonna have to facing adversity and and how do we respond in those tough situations in our guys they stuck together they didn't blank and and you know as a great team went. that's not what Florida after his Packers defeated the Vikings would look so good in being the falcons last week falcons will play tonight we'll go to Atlanta in just a moment right now wanna go back out to Oakland talk about the big garage at the end of the first half still couple takes on the clock left here's Riley young yeah right you know I guess someone press of the raiders secondary to whether centric and they've all been getting burned out there on the field and that really badly rather by not at my home to give a comedy act may sound older but twelve of seventeen from home in this quarter for two hundred and seventy eight yards and four touchdowns the shortest step out of the four was to Travis county for twenty seven yards but he also through a thirty nine yard touchdown pass to the market Robinson it's the most passing yards in any quarter I think Tom Brady who actually did it back on October nineteenth two thousand and nine boomer size and before that November tenth nineteen ninety six that we've seen history in the making in the final keys raider game here in Oakland Derek are going to try for some kind of a miracle here they've got twenty six seconds left in the first half of the raiders have the ball in the thirty five yard line call right now thirteen of twenty one for a hundred eight yards one touchdown a four yard touchdown pass to Terrell Williams but again all cheats twenty eight to ten late in the first half thank you very much Ron Lee Yang in Oakland let's set out the gem zero in Atlanta tonight where the falcons will be hosting the eagles Jeff good afternoon. hello Richard welcome to another year absolutely and it's not a good start though for the falcons as they look to get to the five hundred mark here in week two against the eagles tonight. what makes you say that just because soccer players were tweeting the year is over three minutes into the game. data store if you could ever have first played Matt Williams Jack first part by Matt Bahr sure it's locked three plays later Kerr because the twenty three yard touchdown pass to Adam Thielen though just a person will remain at four plays later right gets picked off then Dalvin cook has a ninety yard touchdown run in the top of your work you know nothing not even halfway through the first quarter so about as bad a store you can ever have the decency rich was just awful the outside containment on the edge talk with your music Beasley was horrible and Dalvin cook just was able to do whatever he wants well I was that going to change for tonight because this is a this becomes a very big one for this team well that's the big question will it transfer tonight you know they're practicing thank you captain there will have better games a certain certainly couldn't have worse changed also the proper the doctor's office of line yeah they drafted two rookies in the first round in order to play on the office of line right guard Chris Lynch broke its flow at the right tackle he will be very you know drafted to be the starting right tackle had a heart problem the Aussies you had a small heart procedure you started conditional playable games they've got a alternate with him so the little some problems on the office of line that runs under constant attack the office at three turnovers to pick a fumble by divide the freemen inside Minnesota territory so not a good start for lan and as far as the eagles go there missed a couple of pieces of wears course Millie Johnson very very good defensive tackle he's out for the year and kamu croushore hills starting one doctor will not be playing for the eagles tonight well I just enjoy it and we look forward to talking to you down the road. thank you rich appreciate it nine Jeff zone Atlanta where the eagles and falcons will meet tonight the other team from the keystone state the Steelers come up short there now own two after a loss to the Seahawks and they may have some bigger issues here to worry about is Jeff Hawthorne rejoins us Jeff welcome back how are you Hey rich yeah a lot of unknowns right now my comments that he didn't know the severity of any of the entries which took out not only Ben Roethlisberger which is obviously huge but James Caan or what the needs are starting linebacker Vince Williams and they're starting safety I Sean Davis with a shoulder injury so four key players go down for the Steelers and as you mentioned that's on top of being now into the and you say injuries boy those those are positions where I if you're gonna make a laundry list those are probably where you can ill afford them that I absolutely especially starting with Roethlisberger it and you know again we and we talk about this was a theme throughout the game taking out to big playmakers from the last two years living on bell and Antonio brown and now these injuries kind of put a little more salt in that room so to speak it does absolutely and you know you I want to start a help hole in the you go to San Francisco to put a lot of points on the board this week. you know and then you come home from Monday night again Cincinnati but and of your own three heading into that game you're really up against it is trying to make the postseason I will say for if there is a bright spot for the Steelers in its first game Mason road off twelve nineteen hundred twelve yards in a couple of touchdowns is after his second pass was dropped and then turned into an interception runoff showed some poison I if he's got to go back out there at least the coaches have seen what he can do in an NFL game but that's kind of what you're grasping at right now for the Steelers is some kind of silver lining to the stone to start is there another silver lining they can possibly you know he hang their code on this afternoon and say alright this can improve a little. why they got some turnovers defensively especially when they needed to the problem was you know they got stuck in that second half where they got burned by crossing patterns again and but to pray the line back was telling the post game he said they saw Seattle mimic some of the things that New England did to them and they still haven't solved those issues so. you know I love the fact that they were able to get a few turnovers make some plays I guess that's good but they still have some issues with these cross these rubber out across the middle and just don't have answers for them right now and you know that San Francisco is going to be looking at that tape in St okay we'll just do the same thing Grobbelaar knows the patriots offense what kind of a just and if Pittsburgh can stop us Jeff thanks so much for everything today greatly appreciate it look forward to talking again all right thanks for it Jeff Hathorn in Pittsburgh with the Steelers of lost Ben Roethlisberger one elbow injury not sure how long I'll be out nor James Conner as they fall to into Jody macdonald will.

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