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I was i always watch arriver and and i love it and i think uh somebody quoted me to jeff probst said you were the the best player to never win yeah he did say that and that's really how i got into podcasting that i started podcasting about survivor back in 2010 and then i've been going through with the reality tv and then i started podcasting about scripted back in 2014 does anyone look better in a choker than jeff probst no he really does it open whole involves a choker better than him either bigger guys more moscow looking but nobody rocks a choker better than him yeah he should put out a line of jokers yeah i like that is that silver you you're in the rear in the amazon survivor the amazon yeah give us some good couple of good ones for being in the amazon cable saviour the amazon it was men versus women that was the first thing that they did with a gimmick and there was a lot of you know uh men be like this and women be like this going on at that at one time and really the the biggest moment that people remember from that season was there were two women on the season that got naked in exchange for snacks oh i would were also you're out it is by curious way to tribal i saw that one good memory for random strings transgender that's right that was disgusted ripta sugar office watch yeah they're they're oftentimes very good looking women.

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