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From an p are news in washington i'm unsure johnston the jury has acquitted ammon bundy ryan bundy and five others for the charges they faced for occupying a federal law life refuge in our again and nearly a templeton of oregon public broadcasting reports the verdict was a stunning victory for the defendants they're supporters and the pitcher movement gathered on the steps of the courthouse chanting not guilty and blowing a horn a man on horseback trotted back and forth carrying the american flag brother's ammon bundy and ryan bundy are still in custody and a being transferred to nevada next there they face charges for the standoff on their father's rams and bunker val ammon bundy is attorney says he's ready for that fight more than two dozen countries meeting in australia having that honestly it created to establish the world's largest marine sanctuary in the an target store cullen says the areas home to more than ten thousand species but it's also popular among commercial fisherman the us in new zealand had been pushing for years for the huge marine reserve which covers an area in the ross see roughly twice the size of texas but the areas a popular source for the fish noticed two way in seabass in countries including china and russia have been on with to join the agreement until today scientist describe the agreement esa historic milestone in clavo efforts to protect spring diversity stork on reporting from sidney on wall street the dallas of sixty five points and that's tech up thirteen the s and p up six this is an p r news support for cake here we d comes from amazon studios umag no you pictures presenting the hand made an and roddick's roller from park shy work director of old boy and stocker based on the novel finger smith by sarah waters now playing and integrated archive systems a data centers solutions integrator helping customers solved data management challenges and applauding every individual who exercises his or her right to vote this season i archive dot com speaking of voting san francisco high school students watching the election wonder if they're schools have prepare them to be good citizens and whether they're ready for the responsibility of voting the story from us radio coming up here on cake you edi public radio.

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