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Of like pop out into his path they were There was a a vestige of that in in this Commercial not nearly as good. Now as i found this commercial embarrassing for like a number freeze however is wanna know. Ben affleck looked so hot. Like just very handsome. Yes and when he allows himself to do his ben affleck charming thing for about five seconds. Here by it comes alive. I would love to investigate. Why athletic is directing commercials for the win sportsbook. I mean his history. Shall we say with. Gambling is well documented. An interest sometimes a source of of trouble basically. I think he's pretty open about having been kicked out of a few different casinos because he like as they accused him of counting. Cards are being too. Good isn't s so an affinity with gambling. But why is he. Why is he directing this commercial. That's a question like what what are his other directing credits that are coming up. I mean we all know about argo. Obviously but like. I don't know i guess because it's like easy money during covert and it's like the fall the affinity as you just mentioned also. I will say having to vegas many more times than i ever wanted to. The win is absolutely the best place to stay. There's there's no doubt about it So this means like you're staying at the win for free for x. Number of years. That seems like a no pun. Intended a win to me. I don't i don't know why he's doing it for the money. I guess because he lets gambling and he's like probably met someone who likes talked him into it. Yeah i was gonna say so. You think it's for the money rather than for relationships like you know. Because he's a friend was so and so because he wants. I assume that ben affleck has access to whatever casino except for the ones. he's been thrown out of politically. I doubt he's aligned. With steve blend ratio. I don't know if it's like. And i do think he's actually pre genuine about his politics. So i don't know if it's like favor for steve wynn but certainly not not a favor So.

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