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Citizen following outcry. Over statements made by Minnesota Representative Ilhan, Omar about Israel house speaker Nancy Pelosi says after a series of discussions, the resolution became a more general statement, so at the resolutions should be enlarged the issue, anti semitism, Islamaphobia, etc. Anti white supremacist, and that it should not mention her name speaker Pelosi added, you didn't think Omar who is Muslim meant to sound antisemitic. But since her comments were interpreted that way the resolution must as she put it remove all doubt. Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill the US border patrol reports. It's taken more than seven hundred migrants into custody at the Texas Mexico border in L Paso within just a twenty four hour period. Correspondent Clayton Neville says. President Trump is commending the agency's efforts US customs and mortar protection said this week that a record number of families are being apprehended border wide with the greatest increase coming in the L Paso sector, hundreds of apprehensions backing up and claim late Tuesday and Wednesday. The patrol said that attentions involved several large groups of migrants that crossed the border illegally. It said the groups are made up mostly of Central American families and unaccompanied juveniles President Trump commending the agency in a tweet saying the US is on track to apprehend more than one million people coming across the southern border this year. I'm Clayton Neville, a part time worker at Lowell area. Schools has been indicted on charges of production and distribution of child pornography. Twenty two year old Madeline teen allegedly took sexually explicit photos of an eight month old boy, she was babysitting. She distributed the images on Snapchat. She faces at least fifteen years in prison and up to thirty years if convicted of producing the child pornography as spring travel is just around the corner. The TSA is reminding travelers to pack carry-ons properly with spring break upon us. The Transportation Security Administration says there are certain things you cannot carry aboard an airliner Marlow with. The TSA says regular size, sunscreen, and tanning products are included. People will go and buy the value packs of those that are over three point four outs is and they ended up having to leave him at the checkpoint because their oversight. So if you have the sunscreen lotions, make sure that you met you have those in your checked bag when you're traveling during spring break, if it's three point four ounces, you can pack them in your suitcase, but not your carry on the TSA says, the spring break rush will start usually the last week of March, and they expect to see a seven percent increase in passengers Ken Rogulski, WJR new as the state legislature talks about auto insurance reform and driving down rates than insurance experts has lack of state oversight is one reason that the cost is the highest in the country, Douglas Heller as a consumer advocate who's a consultant for consumer interests, Michigan has a unique and very strong consumer protective benefits system after you have an accident. We have not installed strong consumer protection system on the front end when it comes to the insurance. Companies at how they price our policies, and that is Doug Heller speaking on the Frank Beckmann show jeopardy host Alex trebek's announcing he has peddling cancer. He made the announcement in a video released by the game show and set at stage four pancreatic cancer. I'm gonna keep working and with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers. Also, I plan to beat the low survival rates statistics for this disease. Truth told I have to because under the terms of my contract, I have to host jeopardy for three more years. So help me keep the faith and will win..

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