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And he is an extra a star and moon tour from fred watson and you can look the online right now the moonies not only the most romantic object in the sky but probably the reason our species exists moon has stabilized the direction of the earth's axis because it's a relatively heavy object compared with the mass of the earth and that has prevented catastrophic changes in the seasons the moon obits the earth in twenty seven and a half days from one full moon to the next and the only time you can't see it is during its new phase when it's close to the sun in the sky this year during stargazing live week the moon will be at first quarter which means it is a quarter of the way through its monthly cycle and half its face is lit even the most modest binoculars will reveal the moon's big craters especially when they're luminated obliquely by the sun as they are first quarter it's also easy to make out the grey areas that make up the face of the moon whether you see a man's face or a woman's face or indeed a kangaroos face which is what some australians can make out they were called say's in ancient times because of their gray color but we now know they were formed by molten lava during stargazing life week the moon sits in the northwest near the constellation of leo which normally dominates the northern heavens at this time of year leo is one of the few constellations that actually look like the namesake's the bright stars make up a stick figure lion which we see upside down in the southern hemisphere it's named after the mythological monster killed by herrick lease but it was also depicted as a lion in much earlier cultures across the near east.

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