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Ben and jody and the whole team on that one. I'm very psyched for it. Congratulations man on this one. You and tom mccarthy it took a while. But i'm glad you got there. Everybody should check out stillwater. It's a fantastic piece of work. And i'm glad we have you back home new york where you belong. You bet man zero. We are often the races with the only bigger fan than timothy xiaomei than. I probably the talented zoe. Lister jones is zoe. I how are you. I'm doing all right. It's so good to see a familiar face I feel like we've run into each other and bizarre random interesting places over the years now zoom box as well now the same box yeah. It's almost mainstream park city exactly exactly so. I moved to the important part of to michelle mine. I think he'd be watch a while back. But i'm trying to umbrella. You got a name. Shaq in he definitely gets a shoutout. I would say he does get a shoutout at most of my work and Also in most of my press. I hope that he is got the instagram follow. Are you getting any closer to real life. Friendship with teaming little tiny follows capital z zero. Was that on instagram. Yeah so. I don't feel burdened That's intentionally. I think that's why he did it just so that he could sort of level the playing field. There's nobody left out No i'm not. I'm not closer and i think the more that i Like proclaim my desire for him the further. I'm getting away a long life josh. We don't know we don't know we don't do june to may bomb and he might need all the friends again. We don't know how and out dune is not gonna bomb. No it's not. It looks so fucking good. And he's so good but yeah i mean I have faith mass. I might be able to get help you guys. Because i know him a bit to the point where i didn't know he doesn't follow anybody different but i have made it. You know how like when someone accepts like those messages to you. Even if they're not falling you're illegally. I have deemed with him. Because once i was at a words thing i literally. He literally left his credit card at the table. I was sitting with him. He deemed me for the credit card. And now we got the wink. We're in so so you're going to slide into the dmc warned me. That was the saddest thing over now. It's not it's it's happy and computers. They might not be sad. And so yeah. So i'm i'm so into this new dynamic where you are podcasters slash pam well. I started my career as a pimp. And now i've come full sir. Now's a return to form. Yeah yeah yeah. Let's put the good word out on your on your wonderful new film. A delightful apocalyptic comedy comedy. It's a narrow genre but you're nailing it and you're in the top tier how it ends is the film and this is one of the few happy things that we can point out and say well look something. Good came out of the madness of the last eighteen months. Now thanks man so so. Was there any john. Abyss that existed in any form before twenty twenty. Like did you drawn any ideas or was this just like i need to make something but sir scratch. What am i thinking. What am i feeling No i mean. Daryl wein i conceived of it Pretty early on in quarantine. so we weren't. It wasn't like an idea that was rattling around pre lockdown. But i would say like on a more macro and spiritual tip. These ideas have been rattling around for a long time You know this sort of like concept of the inner child i think is something that my therapists been hot on for a minute With me so. I think like you know that came into much sharper. Focus as did so many things when we were trapped With only ourselves and i think I have always relied on my work as like for better or for worse when the only way not a process these deeply existential questions so yeah it felt just like very necessary even though it was also super terrifying to take on an independent film at the height of a global pandemic and one that was like really like teensy. I mean we were really like returning as you reach as you are about to return to your pimp routes i was really returning to like guerrilla filmmaking route so we had a crew for people and so two days right like i mean it goes right from your biggest work. Obviously becoming on directing the crafting your leg to zoya jones spectrum. So so what we will was that week like when you're in production where it's just sort of like all hands on deck and all it's all four hands on deck. This is well. Well we had we shot if think over the course of more like three weeks but it was sporadic based on people's schedules. So that was actually quite nice to able to shoot something. Watch it see. What what else. We needed And then go in with with. I think a little more acuity when we were when we were Then returning to to set which was mostly just people's backyard i But yeah it was. It was a really nice shift to go from the craft to how it ends. I think it was obviously such an incredible opportunity to be working on a studio film in that capacity as a writer director. Mvp but But there's something about like distilling the experience to just it's like sort of purist elements and having so few other voices to contend with and to just like the immediacy about experience is so important To to like return to to remind yourself of like Yeah just like the beauty of the like. This sounds sort of trite and corny but like the beauty of the process over the product. Or the you know the commercialization of the product or any of those those voices that can come into play like this journey of how it ends with so condensed. It was like we wrote it. We shot it. We edited Premiered at sundance. It was all so fast and it was so nice to not like over. Think and in just like.

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