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Your Las Vegas motor speedway we are under the yellow flag here for chase Elliott spinning in turns one and two minimal damage to that nine machine mark I I'm flashing back to the role last year would chase drove it down into the turn one barricade we thought his day was done they knocked the dance out of the car and came back and won the thing so you see another Hollywood ending maybe coming in maybe a little bit tougher I think you're right I think that's a fast car and if it's still intact he's gonna make up a lot of play spaces but with forty five to go to have a meaningful finish I think it's going to be tough Sir Doug looking at the scoring right now they have Ricky Stenhouse junior Ryan Preece John hunter Nemechek the only cars on the lead lap a number of those cars began petting I am will have to see exactly how this is going to play out again we're working the seventh caution flag of the day we've had twenty nine laps and counting under yellow pit road is now open we'll have to see who is going to make their way down the pit lane basically all of the contenders had just made their pit stops so they're out there cruising around on two and three lap worn tires and we only have three cars on the lead lap according to NASCAR scored this is kind of bizarre it's Ricky Stenhouse junior Ryan Preece and John hunter Nemechek and that's all the cars that are being allowed to come down on pit road right now and so it looks like as those cars make their pit stops will update those as well as another pit stop by chase Elliott when we return your listening the P. R. and the performance racing network hi I'm Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans thirty percent of Americans who are planning home improvements of five thousand dollars or more will pay for those renovations.

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