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Weather is powered by the basement doctor right now, Sunshine 76 growth for its 77 at your severe weather station News radio, 6 10 W tvn. By a unanimous vote, The Ohio Liquor Control Commission voted to impose a 10 p.m. cutoff time for the state's bars and restaurants to be able to serve alcohol in an effort to stop the spread of covert 19th. The board heard from lawyers, bar owners and employees before making the decision, saying it will devastate their business is unrealistic. It's unfair and we believe it to be unlawful and the last people standing between the destruction of this industry. And insanity. Is this commission that I proudly practice in front of all the Times Attorney Overhasty was for the successful effort to hold a similar order in the city of Columbus. The state's order takes effect tonight. Dr Anthony found another top health officials. Testifying before the House Select subcommittee on the Corona virus crisis today, doctor found she's consciously optimistic about the development of an effective corona virus vaccine. I believe, ultimately, over a period of time in 2021 if we have, and I think we will have a safe and effective vaccine. That Americans will be able to get it. I don't think that there will have everybody getting it immediately. In the beginning, it probably will be phased in CDC director Dr Robert Redfield, an assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services, had no bread. Gerard are also testifying before the subcommittee as millions of parents and students debate when and how to safely go back to school. Some teachers are going public with their concerns. The safety of students and faculty is still raising concerns, with teachers unions across the country, saying they'll support a strike if they feel their school system isn't doing enough. To protect the faculty around the world. New safety protocols have been put into place with plexiglass barriers on lunch tables in South Korea. Students in facials in Myanmar and in Greece. Classrooms air sprayed with disinfectant. That's ABC stand. Macedo following the vote to remove Larry Householders health speaker Thursday. Majority Republicans United to elect Robert Cup to take over the speaker's gavel. Republicans United behind Cup in a closed door meeting. Ensuring they wouldn't need Democratic votes to get Cup elected. Top says he knows lawmakers need to regain Voters trust ABC Sixes Tom Bosco, the moves follow householders indictment on federal racketeering charges. Hurricane East III is expected to become a Category two storm when it reaches the Florida coast this weekend. National Hurricane Center said The storm will pick up speed as he hits the waters north of the Bahamas, and it could have sustained winds of 100 miles an hour. Radio 6 10 W TVN Sports The Blue Jackets taking today off after beating Boston in their exhibition to know both Goalies Joonas Korpisalo and Elvis MERS Leekens look sharp, making John Tortorella's decision on a starter for the playoff opener against Toronto Difficult. We're not in the bubble if we don't get to play from our tool is that Did this year, so it doesn't surprise me what they did tonight. I thought they both played very well where it sits. When we play on the second day. I still don't know him one against Toronto Sunday, United eight on Fox Sports Ohio Chicago Tribune, reporting that Big 10 football schedules will come out probably early next week. Story also says division games, including the Ohio State Michigan rivalry expected to be near the front of the schedule. Baseball Tonight. Reds are in Detroit Any is at Minnesota. Matt McCoy, whose radio six n W TVs. Showers. Developing today high of 84 more showers tonight 68 showers and storms possible Saturday.

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