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The know about fifteen feet throw up no good rebound is loose and picked up by the whole rebounds already for land davis suffer head you ronald lew sixteen fifteen ago first five nothing saginaw valley spencer rates with a basketball up top the markets side now to ronald booth oilfire d three that's going to be way off an airball and the rebound by asking four minutes in five of the cardinals asking for windmill rates said a 7of9 cigna david bruce in an up and that's the sloppy started unfortunately might have been expected here tonight will keep it here with fifteen fifty seven ago and it's seven nothing singing all valley last year in the game up here we'll see the same kind of started against singing all valley and tried to call their way back the entire game and never could play with the lead and saginaw ended up one of my fivepoint returned the favour on the last day of the season last year to split the series with saginaw valley two years ago this cardinal program won the regular season title i mean at all the way leading the ncaa tournament and he is clearly now again the conference soon when's the ball off the tanah thing lawyers on the good george spun through unbound carnival show some random and pressure now they've backoffice ronald booth oil first of all of the time line the lawyers ordinance haskins booth dribbles back near halfcourt still on the dribble now left side the markets more marcus against two week off a screen out dispense who drives into the free throw line now out the ronald booth writes that thirteen a shoe for waste though the for the first points of evening marcus has left saturday to shoot marcus cut off on the drive they'll kick it over to spencer backed the marcus cofira three left side it's almost an airball again barely greasy and rebound mike well and wells wells' slowly dribble of the fine line fifteen twenty.

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