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I had a thought if you were on. Snl what is the band that you would want to introduce. And what song would you want to introduce by that band as well. Okay well first of all if i'm hosting snl. I'm going to assume that. I am ultra famous from this podcast. Everybody knows how naturally hilarious. I am so the musical guests comes on. And they're like oh got to take a break from shawna's comedic talents fine and it would be. Afi 'cause they are my favorite band of all time. And i think i would be introducing some songs off of sing the sorrow and even though that album is like twenty years old. It would be you know. We're we're pulling throwback special so we're playing songs from af. I sing the sorrow leaving on par to shout out to my emo kids. What about you guys. Let's see if i was on. Snl first of all. I wish i could. It could be one of those people that it's like they host and he also at the same time. But i am not that talented so i would probably like to introduce black pink. They're like group and their song. How you like that for sure and then at some point at just go dance with them. Onstage it'll be like a total collab- it'd be really exciting. All my superfood lack paying. Yes that would be so cute. Fermi era definitely want to introduce billy bush because that means i would get to meet her and she's literally my idol. In the song i would wanna do is probably i know. It's one of her older songs in the first song. But who definitely bad guy just because that's a pump up song and it's the one that really made her famous. Maybe justin bieber would come out since he was on the song with her too and like he would surprise appearance. And everyone's squeals. Yes because i'm actually becoming to love justin bieber. I will admit he's growing on me. I'm not like a what do they call his fa- belieber 's i'm not a bolya. Ever know about. I'll i'll admit that the guys got. He's more talented than me. It singing i guess. I think haley changed him for sure. I'll give him the. I'm going to introduce ashlee simpson. She's gonna have her comeback special from. Snl she's gonna come back and not lip sync but she actually ends up lip synching again and she just gates yourself all over again and it just like oh sorry guys who she didn't again maybe great. It's going to be good time.

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