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And then you hold onto it for ten years. Don't you? Yes. The by the box, right? You wanna start playing with the box. But I mean, okay now, Google Google. Jason why do you like Google and not Yahoo? Google takes me exam. Where I need to go. And they just they found a way to figure out their algorithm toward their faster and just overall better. And I don't have to get news updates about random crap. I don't care about right? That's huge for me. I don't wanna go on the internet black hole. And I don't even wanna know what's going on with most things. I mean, I don't wanna know. I don't want the negativity of the world to block out what I'm searching for. And I really don't care about who's upset about Trump Obama. I just want search for Tulsa dog training and find a good trainer for my dog. Every time you log on. It's just that beautiful graphic. They don't Swami with terrorist attacks or what people voting for. It's great. It's unbelievable. It's that's the kind of stuff you're going to find with the companies that Bill Campbell coached now principal. We'll let me read the notable quotable here from Bill Campbell this Bill Campbell. This article is featured in Forbes, and I will make sure I put a Lincoln the show. It says first of all I don't really take the company to coach unless the founder is passionate and really wants to create something durable. Once you get the founder and the CEO. Oh, you just want to find out. What makes them tick? You're trying to understand what they want to get out of their management team. Then you try to spend time with the team and then put processes in place. I'm not going to tell Larry page and Sergei Brin. How do their search engine algorithms that Google I'm just I'm just trying to bring what they're doing to life? So think about that. He's not getting in there as a coach and saying this is how you should code your website. And what he's doing? He's he's saying, hey, let's get the management team rolling in the same direction. That's what he would do now principle. Number two is trust your managers and make sure they trust their subordinates, Dr brick. What does that mean trust issues? I mean, you've got to you've got to trust that everybody knows their job is doing their job, and and that flows from the top all the way down. So I mean, you know, in that you've got the managers, and then the people below but starts at the top. I don't know if anybody can relate to this. But I can guts terrible when you have somebody doing management, and you don't trust that they're actually doing their job. Right. It's awful. It is awful go in steps to to prevent that. With the you know video cameras surveillance giving more security, and then also the call recording. I agree with Dr breakfast said you put in the call recording clarity voices a program we recommend you put in the video cameras. I agree with all. That. And I wanted to pile on with this Jason elfin the room if we have to write somebody up for, you know, breaking a policy where do we have to put that file we send that immediately as soon as as soon as it's been signed by who it's being documented for by the management and by third party. So we can just verify all the information. We immediately upload that to our disciplinary folder in dropbox. Now, I can tell you this though, I've had situations before where I've had to deal with unemployment situation. And I go to look for the files. Right. And they're not there. And I asked the manager. Hey, where are these? And they say I forgot that really kills trust. Because I have to go back verify every time just as recently as yesterday. I was looking for some core source documents on dropbox and a member my teams like, oh, yeah, they're they're they're they're yes. Yes. And they're not there. And so that's tough. And that's why you just gotta trust but verify trust but verify 'cause if you just blindly trust really put you in a bad situation when you assume it makes a at of U N me notable quotable from Bill Campbell coming in hot..

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