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Did Kyle pits they take Kyle pits Cincinnati five Jabbar Chase. Dolphin. Stay. Put this the first surprise. Jalen Waddle wide receiver. Seven lines go open a school eight Carolina, Justin Fields. How about that? After just trading for sand, Donald Nine. Broncos Trey Lance and the Cowboys go Patrick's or Tan. How about that for a mock draft? Top 10 picks 11 Michael Parsons, 12 Eagles Get Jacy Horn corner over receiver. Sean Slater goes 13 Elijah Vera Tucker goes 14 to the Vikings all how about this? Oh, Want the Patriots to take a quarterback. What they did select the guy that I'm rooting for the most not knowing what team he's going to any happens to go to my team in this mock draft. Devante Smith, Alabama. Oh, that would be great. That would be a move. The incompetence of the other 14 teams will not every 14 team because I can't knock something for taking Kyle pits. I can't knock someone for taking Wilson or Trevor Laurence, but to let the Vontae Smith that the Dolphins take water. I think it'll be good wide receiver and don't take them out. They spent that when they don't get I'll give you the top 20, Arizona Greg Newsome, cornerback. Northwestern Graders. Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech Corner, Jalen Phillips from Miami to the Dolphins. Christian Dara saw who joined us. He's going to watch this football team, according to Peter King, and then 20. Chicago Bears were shot, Bateman I like your Now. Shot Bateman and Tyler Johnson two years ago. We're teammates at Minnesota and Bateman was the better player Johnson have gone the fourth or fifth round. I can't remember to the Buccaneers and he has a nice place in the playoffs. I will say that I think Bateman is definitely a first round talent. Now. The quarterbacks here so compelling, they have to get 123. Get fields going to the Panthers. Would be surprised if Carolina takes a quarterback. But in theory, you did trade for Sam Darnell's. You gave up three draft picks, but you're not tied down to Sam Donald without be wild. If you get basically three quarterbacks the last two off seasons, Bridgewater Was eventually to get traded when you trade for Sam, and then even before letting Sam play you basically draft his replacement and the Broncos. I would be fine if they take And Peyton's first draft that they end up taken Trey Lance, I'd be more than fine with that. I think they could be in the move, though, to trade up to maybe get.

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